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Dhobi: New 24 hour laundry app

Do you hate doing laundry? You may want to check out this new app from Dhobi that is asking to be your laundry concierge. They will even service / repair and clean your shoes.

dhobi boston cleaning appI have not used Dhobi, which currently only offers service in Boston, but if you are interested you can get more information about Dhobi from their website here.

Let me know your thoughts if you use the service.


Bridj: First of its kind pop up shuttle service

bridj logoHave you heard of Bridj?  Earlier this month The Boston Globe referred to it in their article as a first-of-its-kind “pop-up” bus service. Whatever you call it bridj is scheduled to begin trial runs in May with at least 4 nonstop commuter routes in Brookline, Boston, and Cambridge (see image below).  If successful, plans include adding up to 18 routes in the next three months to help commuters get around town.

Initial Bridj Routes

Initial Bridj Routes

Bridj trips start at $5 – $8 so they are more expensive than MBTA but the fact that rides come equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, leather seats and complimentary snacks seems to appeal to the more than 3,200 who have signed up for the service. Matthew George, a 23-year old Middlebury College graduate and founder, says that by harnessing data available he can accurately predict areas of peak demand and adjust his schedules on the fly to meet demand.

 If you are intrigued you can learn more on their website, www.bridj.com, and like them on their Facebook page here.

Uber maps Boston

Source: Uber Click on image to enlarge

Source: Uber
Click on image to enlarge

This week Uber released a map of Boston, showing high-traffic areas for their drivers and shedding insight into what the Boston Globe referred to as where Boston’s “young and affluent” live.  I’m not sure why they might assume it is only the young who use Uber but the map is interesting nonetheless.

Boston, neighborhoods like the Back Bay, the South End, and an increasingly gentrified South Boston are heavily represented as are campuses and high-traffic areas like Logan Airport and downtown.

Do you use Uber? Are you more partial to other similar services like Hailo or Lyft?  These new companies have been a boon to consumers and have completely disrupted the stranglehold that a few taxi companies have maintained through the antiquated medallion system I ranted about back in 2012 here, Boston needs more taxis.


Boston Map

Click on image to enlarge

Source: Boston.com

Boston Globe editorial cartoonist, Dan Wasserman, who calls Boston “a shining city on some hills and other curiosities” is featured in the latest issue ArchitectureBoston.  It provides a very funny view of Boston neighborhoods and nearby towns.

Monikers are a play on the words hill, ville and ill, featuring “villes” such as “Hipsterville,” “Martyville,” and “Newtonville.” It also features “hills” such as “Mission Hill” and “Bunker Hill” as well as some “ills” such as “Nofrill,” “Cheapthrill,” “Beerspill,” and “Gentrifill”, and I love it.

Thrillist 21 things you need to know about Boston

20140416-111037.jpgLast week Thrillist compiled a list of things everyone needs to know about my hometown, Boston. A lot of these lists, while often humorous, miss the mark, but I’m giving Thrillist high marks for humor and accuracy.

Are you from the area or have you lived in Boston? Curious about visiting Boston? Check out this funny but true collection of 21 things you need to know about Boston.

Some of my personal favorites from the list include:
5. “Wicked pissah” means “really good” Accents aside, the local lexicon has lots of peppah. If you need a water fountain, ask for a bubbler (or bubblah). We also put jimmies (NOT sprinkles) on our ice cream, and buy booze at a packie. See my past posts explaining this here, here and here.

11. The cab situation is abysmal You won’t get one when you need one. You will be treated like a pariah if you call dispatch. You can’t hail a Boston cab in Cambridge, or a Cambridge cab in Boston (Dumbest. Thing. Ever.) My tip: load a car service app like uber or lyft to avoid those nasty taxi dispatchers.

17. The street system defies geometry and human logic It looks like the work of a 5yr-old using a broken Spirograph. Every street is one way in the opposite direction you need to go. Just walk and forget driving. My tip: walk, get a Charlie card (Boston’s metro card) or use the bike sharing program, Hubway. If those suggestions aren’t practical re-read my tip regarding cabs; do not rent a car you will regret it.

You can read the full list here.

ArtWeek Boston is April 25 – May 4

ArtWeek boston spring 2014ArtWeek Boston starts later this week on Friday and the celebration includes more than 60 creative experiences around the city that will include visual arts, fashion, public art, music and much more.  Some of the programs are free while others require a fee so check the full calendar of events here.

One of the highlights of this spring program takes place in my neighborhood, South End.  On Sunday, May 4th from 11am – 6pm, be sure to come to the SoWa art walk.  The he SoWa Art Walk is an annual arts celebration in the South End that allows local artists to showcase there work.  You can learn more about the SoWa art walk here.

Boston Strong

Boston Strong

Source: Dear World

Although I will not be home for the 118th Boston Marathon, like many people my thoughts will be with everyone attending, volunteering and especially running in tomorrow’s marathon.

I’ve always been proud of my home city but never more so than in the days that followed last year’s marathon. #BostonStrong

Marathon weekend

Boston MarathonIts marathon weekend in Boston and because of last year’s bombings it seems like the rest of the world will turn their eyes to Boston come Monday.  It feels strange not to be in the city this weekend which I would imagine is quickly filling to capacity.   Typically the Boston Marathon draws more than half a million spectators and more than 25,000 runners, but this year is anything but typical. This year the Boston Marathon has an estimated 36,000 runners, and I would assume even more spectators.

If you are in town this weekend be certain to check out the Boston Marathon Sports & Fitness Expo at the Hynes Auditorium (Friday 12-7 pm; Saturday 9am – 7pm; and Sunday 9am – 6pm. Nearly every athletic, fitness and nutrition firm you can imagine sets up booths to educate and sell their products. Vendors have special sales for the expo and there are usually some pretty cool freebies.

Boston Pride musical acts announced

Boston prideEarlier today Boston Pride announced the five musical acts will headline the Boston Pride Festival on Saturday, June 14th from noon to 6pm at Boston’s City Hall Plaza. This year’s entertainment includes: Mary Lambert,  A Great Big WorldAlex NewellJD Samson & Men , and Jeanie Tracy.

4/15/2014 Update: I was contacted by an employee of The Trophy Room who confirmed the Saturday Block Party will indeed take place as in past years outside the Chandler Inn.

Boston Pride according to BosGuyWith Fritz no longer at the corner of Chandler and Berkeley, I’m wondering if the unofficial block party that typically follows the parade on Saturday will still take place there.  Last year AIDS Action Committee (the beneficiary of the Saturday block party) merged with Fenway Health so I’m unsure of the status of that event.  Anyone happen to know?


Tremont Crossing

Tremont CrossingJust a few blocks from the South End in Roxbury (near the Ruggles T station) is Feldco Development’s, Tremont Crossing. The large mixed use development spans 8 acres near the Melnea Cass Blvd / Tremont Street intersection.

The project includes nearly 1 million square feet (SF); 438,275 SF of retail, 300 residential units, 200 hotel rooms, 233,784 SF of office space, 37,520 SF of museum space and 1,502 parking spaces.  I’m not sure when construction begins but this is a massive project.  The space has yet to secure a hotel but last week BJ’s Wholesale announced that they would lease 90,000 SF at Tremont Crossing. If the lease is signed BJs new store (and I believe the first in the city) would open in the spring of 2017. I’m curious to see who else might come to this development as it could make for a viable alternative to the overly congested South Bay shopping center.

More about Tremont Crossing here.

Boston neighborhood decision tree

Boston NeighborhoodsThis decision tree from Jaquelyn Leahy was posted on curbed boston earlier this week and I thought it was brilliant. Much better than Boston.com’s neighborhood survey that I posted yesterday.  Moreover, this is fairly spot on – unfortunately it only includes the Boston’s downtown neighborhoods.

Community Servings: Mustachio Bashio 2014

Mustachio Bashio 2014 Community ServingsLast Tuesday, Community Servings raised more than $14,000 at their 5th annual Mustachio Bashio at the posh Lenox Hotel’s, City Table restaurant in Back Bay.  Sergio and I were lucky enough to attend, and I’ve posted photographs from all the fun.  Much thanks to everyone who graciously posed for a picture.

About Community Servings

Hats off to everyone who participated to help raise money for this worthwhile not-for-profit food and nutrition program that serves Massachusetts individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses.  Despite the fact that the Mustachio Bashio party is over, you can still donate to Community Servings by visiting their site hereCommunity Servings Fund RaiserMustachio Bashio 2014 Community ServingsMustachio Bashio 2014 Community Servings 2Mustachio Bashio 2014 Community ServingsMustachio Bashio 2014 Community Servings 3Mustachio Bashio 2014 Community ServingsMustachio Bashio 2014 Community Servings 4

Wicked awesome MBTA late night graphic

MBTA late night serviceHere’s an awesome map of late-night T ridership this past weekend, including which stations handled thousands of riders.  If you are going out tonight or later this weekend don’t forget that the MBTA is now open until 3:00 AM so go out and have fun.

What Boston neighborhood should you live

Boston MapLast week The Boston Globe created a highly unscientific but still fun survey to take that then suggests the neighborhood best suited to your personality.  Surprisingly, I got Beacon Hill.  I had thought I might be more likely to get the Leather District, Fort Point Channel or Seaport (if not my actual n’hood – The South End). While I do like Beacon Hill, I’m not inclined to spend time on the Boston Common or dine on Charles Street, as the response suggests.  Bored at work? Give the survey a try.

Boston’s 10 most expensive neighborhoods

BostonBoston is a beautiful city that is rich in history and culture and has a lot to offer.  Above is a photograph of my neighborhood, South End, from last spring looking down West Springfield Street with the Christian Science Church dome off in the distance in Back Bay.

The Steven Cohen Team, a South End Real Estate Specialist, recently shared their annual report and I found some of the information  eye-opening.  It made me feel for new residents or wanna-be residents who are doing their best to try and save to buy a place here in Boston.

Boston neighborhoods

Source: http://www.linksmart.co, CNBC, 2012 data.

You may click on the chart to enlarge and read it better. I have to admit I was surprised to read that my neighborhood, South End, median price per square foot is $710 (fourth most expensive neighborhood in Boston). The most expensive neighborhood according to linksmart is Midtown $880; followed by Back Bay $836; Beacon Hill $795; and The Waterfront rounded out the top 5 at $708.

With median condo prices in the South End at $650,000, a 20% down payment check would be $130,000. Anyone who doesn’t think that is an issue falls into the category of “very fortunate”.  How can Boston work to ensure that those who have invested in property don’t lose value in their homes while working to help make this city more affordable and more welcoming for everyone; not only those who command 6-figure salaries?