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Do you like short shorts?

men's fashion short shortsIs this a lame attempt to feign interest in fashion or just another excuse to post photos of handsome men on my blog? I’ll let you make that call.

Last week The Boston Globe was commenting on David Colman’s WSJ fashion article about how men’s shorts seem to be getting shorter.  The subtitle reads, Long for so long, men’s shorts are showing up in a range of inseams – from short to shorter to shortest.

I dress fairly conservatively so it isn’t likely that I’ll be wearing anything similar to the shorts I first wore back in the ’80s, but I’m more than happy to encourage other guys (esp the guy below) to follow the trend.

gay, men's fashion

By comparison these don’t seem all that short so maybe I’ll wear these.michael bastian fashion

Abby’s fancy birthday party

BosGuy nieceMy niece, Abby, turned 5 last Friday and on Sunday my sister arranged for the family birthday party at their house. Abby’s only request for her birthday party was that everyone dress “fancy”.

I had to laugh when I heard the request and thought  this was a request Sergio and I could manage easily enough. So earlier this morning we woke up, pulled out our tuxedos and drove up to New Hampshire to celebrate Abby’s milestone birthday.

As you can see Abby was dressed quite fancy.  I have also included a photo Sergio snapped before we walked in to celebrate Abby’s birthday.

Fancy Uncles

Weekend shopping: Boomerangs and Gilt City Boston

Boomerangs ShoppingStarting last Thursday, AIDS Action Committee’s Special Edition thrift shop, Boomerang’s South End, hosted their new spring, special edition sale.  Then on Friday and Saturday Gilt City Boston hosted their spring warehouse sale at The Revere Hotel. I’ve included a few photos from the Gilt City Boston sale this past weekend.

Gilt ShoppingGilt City ShoppersWhile the sheer volume that Gilt City Boston had for shoppers looking for bargains was impressive, Boomerang’s South End spring collection is still available so check it out at 1407 Washington Street.

Large Tony presents Shirts-n-Grins

large tonyBlogger Large Tony has been working on ideas for his t-shirt company, Shirts-n-Grins.  He recently shared some of his new designs on his blog so I checked them out and thought they were funny.

Perhaps you’d enjoy buying one for yourself or maybe as a gift for a buddy. Check out his site and let me know which ones you like.

Check out the the website’s online coupon on the homepage to save 15% on your order.

Shirts n Grins

Gilt City Boston spring warehouse sale

Gilt City Boston Spring 2014 Warehouse SaleGilt City is hosting their signature event of the season, Gilt City Boston Warehouse Sale. The event will feature top designer brands for men’s and women’s fashion as well as home accessories discounted as much as 90% off the retail price.

All the fun starts on Saturday, March 22nd from 9 am -5 pm at The Revere Hotel in Boston.  Purchase tickets while they remain available, here.


BosGuy style tip

trinity-eldredget-tie-knotIn cities across the US, charities will be hosting a variety of fundraisers this spring.  Some of these events will be very casual like the upcoming Taste of the South End here in Boston on Tuesday, March 4th, while others will be more formal – possibly requiring you to step up your game.

While nobody will fault you for a full Windsor knot, you can distinguish yourself and make your tie really stand out by selecting a less traditional tie knot.  While there are many to choose from, I really like the Trinity and Eldredge knots. Thanks to Alex Krasny and his YouTube videos you can watch how to tie a trinity tie knot and eldredge tie knot.

Garçon Français

Garcon FrancaisMy good friend and author of the visually stunning (not to mention delicious) blog, Frenchie and the Yankee, forward me the new video from Garçon Français, an underwear line from where else? France.


David mentioned this is his new favorite line of underwear.  I don’t own any, but I trust David’s taste and I love the promo video.  Check it out. 

Winter fashion

UnderwearI want these (but I’ll take him – headless and all).

Red carpet rumble

Fashion Faux PasDo you fancy yourself a fashionista? Are you obsessed with red carpet fashion? Is E television’s show Fashion Police on your DVR? Clearly, I am not but for those of you who answered “yes” to the previous questions, you may want to check out Boston.com’s Red Carpet Rumble 2013.

Fashionistas check out Boston’s Emerging Trends 2013

Boston Emerging Trends 2013Are you interested in fashion? You may want to check out Boston’s Emerging Trends 2013 at the Boston Center for the Arts (Cyclorama) at 539 Tremont Street in the South End on Saturday, October 5th.

Get Your Tickets Here

This event is a dedicated effort to aid Boston’s fashion community to encourage innovation and creativity by showcasing emerging designers from all over the world.  Designers featured this year at Boston’s Emerging Trends 2013 include: Nina Athanasiou (Germany), Fleur Kelinza (London), Shefali Couture (U.A.E.) w/ Sabrinah Renee, boutique jeweler (US, L)isa Loveday Designs (Canada), NuVu Studio (US), Naomi Davidoff (US), House of Laura Williams (US), The Haute House (US) and Ivanka Eston (US).  A handful of VIP tickets remain as do general admission tickets which range from $30-$45. 

BosGuy P.S.A.

BosGuyWhat do you think of my latest purchase? While I was walking around the neighborhood this past weekend I stumbled upon this t-shirt at Motley, and I couldn’t resist buying it.

Motley | 623 Tremont Street | 617.247.6969

Hook Provincetown

Hook ProvincetownWhat do you think of my new t-shirt from Hook Provincetown?

Hook also has a bunch of bear themed t-shirts for the upcoming Bear Week.  Hook Provincetown is  at 230 Commercial Street.

Summer fashion faux pas

Friends don’t let friends wear socks with sandals.

Bobby’s from Boston

Bobby from Boston with Ralph Lauren

Owner Bobby Garnett with Ralph Lauren

Can a hip, downtown Boston neighborhood be home to an iconic store Hollywood stylists and movie makers have on a short list but residents across town have never heard of before? The answer is yes.

Last week I was watching WGBH, Boston’s PBS station, when Bobby’s From Boston was featured. Bobby’s is just two blocks up the street from where I live, and apparently remains a relative unknown  to local fashionistas who love “vintage”.

Bobby’s keeps no website and jokes that their store hours are “Closed until tomorrow 12:00 – 6:00pm”. This iconic shop located at 19 Thayer Street is one of the coolest stores I’ve ever visited.  Located along the pedestrian walkway that brings thousands into the South End each Sunday for the SoWa Open Market, Bobby’s is just one of several very unique and truly one-of-a-kind shops worth checking out. PBS recent interview of Bobby is what spurred me to write this post.  Below I’ve included an excerpt from his interview for WGBH-TV.

Max shows how to cut off t-shirt sleeves

sleeveless maxNow that it is summer I’ve noticed a lot of guys walking around with sleeveless t-shirts they have obviously cut themselves.

Max does a nice job explaining why you shouldn’t do this with a v-neck and gives tips on how to cut your shirts so they will fit you perfectly.

I’m not so certain about his suggestion for what to do with the cut off sleeves, but I’ll refrain from being critical because he’s so darn easy on the eyes.