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100 Years Beauty: Men’s haircuts

This summer I posted a similar video 100 years of men’s swimsuits in 3 minuteswhich I thought was pretty cool. If you liked that video then I bet you’ll find this also pretty cool to watch.

TWC’s Fellows take over Ted Baker Wed. 10/21

The Fellows at Ted BakerTomorrow night The Fellows are hosting an event at the Ted Baker shop on Newbury Street. Over the years, Mr. Baker has provided me with an incredible amount of retail therapy.  If you are in a similar mood or are just looking for an excuse to get out, check out The Fellows event tomorrow.

All the fun starts at 7PM on Wednesday, October 21st at the Ted Baker store.   There is a $10 charge and you must register but you get a free cocktail and 20% off any purchase you make.  For more information and to RSVP link here.

American Field pop up in Boston Sept 12-13

American Field Pop Up Boston 2015This year’s American Field pop up exhibition and market will include more than 80 vendors when they return to Boston this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

This year’s exhibit is at Boston’s Design Center and will feature American-made goods and the craftsmen / artists who create them.

For more information visit: americanfield.us/pages/boston-2015

How to get there:
By MBTA – Take the Silver Line, SL2 Branch, Dry Dock Avenue stop. The Silver Line is accessible via South Station, located on the Red Line.
By Bike: There are two Hubway stations located directly on Drydock Avenue and ample locations for safely locking your bicycle.
By Car: Located on Drydock Avenue, one mile down Summer Street from the intersection of Summer and Atlantic directly adjacent to South Station.

Rafael Nadal gets cheeky

Hilfiger, Rafa, Rafael Nadal, TennisJust in time for the US Open, former number 1 tennis pro Rafael Nadal is in a new underwear campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. While I’m not a fan of Hilfiger, I do think quite a lot of Nadal’s assets.

The underwear expert asks: Boxers or Briefs

The underwear expert asks people on the streets of Beverly Hills what is their preference, boxers or briefs?

If you feel inclined feel free to share in my blog’s comments. For the record I’m a boxers guy at night but by day I prefer boxer briefs.

100 years of men’s swimwear in 3 minutes

Check out this compilation of men’s swimwear fashion over the past 100 years . The swimsuits are horribly ugly, but there is something very distracting about watching the handsome male model disrobe and put on each decade’s bathing suit.

Fashion faux pas: Man bun

bad hairI have many daily reminders that I’m getting older.  But none probably remind me of this fact more often than the latest trend in men’s hair, the “man bun”.

Despite the fact that A-list male actors like Chris Hemsworth, Colin Ferrell and Bradley Cooper have all been seen sporting the “man bun”, I can’t bring myself to appreciate this latest trend for men.  I’m sure there are many hipsters and 20-somethings that will disagree, but I want to point out that hairstyles seem to be the most fickle of trends; going out of style nearly as quickly as they come into style.

Unlike bad hair trends of the past (for example when Andre Agassi tried to make the mullet popular in the 1990s), those hair styles are relegated to our memories and parents’ homes where those embarrassing photos still proudly hang on walls. For those strutting around with a man bun today, your photos are plastered all over sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  I can assure you that friends and family will keep these photos and enjoy teasing you whenever and wherever the opportunity arises, showing new boyfriends / girlfriends and others how “trendy” you looked long after this trend passes.  Bad Hair