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Choose your underwear wisely

New Years Eve UnderwearTomorrow is New Year’s Eve day… Choose what you wear wisely and have a wonderful evening.  I might try to hedge my bets and buy some rainbow colored underwear before the day is done.

Garçon Model jockstrap giveaway heating up on Twittah

Garcon Model Jockstrap ContestThe contest to win a free Garçon Model jockstrap is heating up on Twitter. @LargeTony was the first to Tweet a photo wearing a jockstrap and mentioning @GarconModel & @BosGuy. Props to him for giving his Tweet a holiday theme and injecting his own sense of innuendo and humor.

How the contest works:Every time you Tweet you enter yourself in the running to nab a free Garçon Model jockstrap of your choosing. People who Tweet a photo of them wearing a jockstrap and give both @GarconModel and @BosGuy a shout out are entered twice.

@LargeTony’s tweet above is a great example on how to do this, but here is another sample tweet:  Hey @BosGuy I really want to win that  #free @garconmodel #jockstrap so I can give it to my boyfriend for Christmas.

All Tweets must have Garcon Model and my Twitter handle to qualify. The contest concludes at 12PM ET on Saturday, December 20th.  A winner will be announced shortly after I connect with them so please be sure you follow me on Twitter so I can DM you.

BosGuy give away: Win a Garçon Model jockstrap

jockstrap, gay, underwearGarçon Model jockstraps retail for $26 and would make for an excellent gift.

Tweet to win a Garçon Model jockstrap:  Every time you mention @BosGuy and @garconmodel together in a Tweet I will enter you to win a Garçon Model jockstrap of your choosing. If you include a photo of you wearing your favorite jockstrap when you Tweet I will count that as TWO Tweets – thereby doubling your odds of winning.

The more often you Tweet the more likely you are to win a Garçon Model jockstrap of your choosing.  I will tally all the Tweets between today and Saturday, December 20th at 12PM ET and announce the winner later that day.  Please be sure you are following @BosGuy on Twitter so I can DM you if you win.

Sample Tweet:  Hey @BosGuy I really want to win that #free @garconmodel #jockstrap so I can give it to my boyfriend for Christmas.jockstrap, gay, underwear

Get creative and Tweet @garconmodel and @BosGuy. Tell us why you want a free Garcon model jockstrap.  Every Tweet will enter you to win a jockstrap.

LargeTony’s Shirts-n-Grins holiday sale

Shirts and Grins from Large TonyLooking to insert some innuendo or humor to your holiday gift giving?  I’d like to ask you to check out my friend’s online t-shirt store, shirtsngrins.com.

This is Large Tony’s online shop and he is currently offering 15% off purchases if you use the code: HDAY2014, but Tony is offering BosGuy readers 20% off if you purchase two or more shirts if you use the code:  BOSGUY.  Either way it is a great deal.

Order early if you want to make sure to get them in time for Christmas – although the holiday code Tony has set up is good through Sunday, January 4, 2015.

American Field pop-up exhibition this weekend

American Field Boston Pop Up 2014The American Field pop-up exhibition and market which celebrates the best of U.S. made clothing, accessories, goods and furniture, and the people who made them is today and tomorrow. In addition to the many vendors the event will have speakers, live music, live demos, food and drinks.

The event is free and open to the public from 12:30 – 8:30 pm Saturday and Sunday in Boston’s Innovation and Design Building in the Seaport District at 21-25 Drydock Avenue. Get your directions here (a free shuttle will be running from South Station as well).

More information about the event can be found on their website, americanfield.us.


Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

I’m not a fashionista bEldridge Cleverut even I can see this is a fashion faux pas.  Check out the “Penis Pants”, conceived of and designed in the 1970s by Eldridge Clever.

The pants are designed with two styles, one with an oval-shaped pouch and the other (as shown on the left) with a “tubular shaped extension for the man’s penis and an adjoining smaller pouch for his testicles.”

Even more flummoxing is the tag line in the print commercial, “You’ll be the cock of the walk…” for realz.


Do you like short shorts?

men's fashion short shortsIs this a lame attempt to feign interest in fashion or just another excuse to post photos of handsome men on my blog? I’ll let you make that call.

Last week The Boston Globe was commenting on David Colman’s WSJ fashion article about how men’s shorts seem to be getting shorter.  The subtitle reads, Long for so long, men’s shorts are showing up in a range of inseams – from short to shorter to shortest.

I dress fairly conservatively so it isn’t likely that I’ll be wearing anything similar to the shorts I first wore back in the ’80s, but I’m more than happy to encourage other guys (esp the guy below) to follow the trend.

gay, men's fashion

By comparison these don’t seem all that short so maybe I’ll wear these.michael bastian fashion