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Neila Rey abs workout

Did you skip the gym this morning or are you planning to go after work? I saw this abs workout, and thought I would share it.  I’ve yet to try it and am going to ask my trainer about Neila Rey’s “code of abs” workout.

Click on the image to enlarge.

How BosGuy got his fitness groove back

absIt has been a looooooong time since I’ve talked about the gym.  I can assure you that I’ve been going but not with the regularity or passion that I normally do.  I blame it on that Polar Vortex crap.

However this past week I’ve been able to get my fitness groove back.  I’m hoping that I can maintain that commitment since February is Boston’s second cruelest month (sorry January, but I’m not a fan).  For those of you suffering a severe case of winter doldrums, take heart that the days are getting longer and with any luck, warmer too so get to the gym.

Boston Ballet adult open classes in South End

Kris KranzkyThe following is a guest post from Kris Kranzky


Last Friday few friends and I decided to try out the Boston Ballet Adult Open Classes as a way to get in some exercise away from the gym and of course, to become a little more cultured at the same time.

To be completely honest, I was a little nervous before the class. All I could think about was my lack of coordination and non existent flexibility. I know its hard to believe, but this big guy has not an ounce of rhythm in his body.

Much to my surprise, the class turned out to be a lot of fun and extremely relaxing. Everyone was very nice and the instructor gave me a lot of attention and helped me with my form. I would recommend trying a class to anyone looking for an alternative activity. Bring along a few friends, it is great for the mind and body, and makes for a fun evening.  Classes start at $17 and you can sign up at the Boston Ballet School or online here.

Kris Kranzky Profile PhotoAbout the author:  Kris Kranzky is a personal trainer at the Boston Sports Club in the South End.  A California transplant, he now calls Boston home and is passionate about fitness and healthy living. He is also the reason BosGuy is not a fat ass. 

Personal fitness

absI know I’m not heavy, but I have a lot of very handsome friends who are in great shape. While I don’t begrudge these friends, it does feed into my own personal insecurities and body issues.

I have a very supportive partner and a great personal trainer so I feel like I have both the emotional support I need at home and the professional support I need in the gym.  However, I need to get back into a routine before all the people who make their “New Year’s Resolutions” invade and overrun my gym.  I’m hoping if I can get back into a routine starting this week – I’ll be in a better position come January to deal with the gym scene.

Need to get my butt to the gym

fitnessThe fact that I’m going to be on the beach in Rio de Janeiro in just a few weeks is starting to give me cause to panic. I’ve been preoccupied with work and not been going to the gym; save for my sessions with my trainer, Kris.

Mental note: must stop buying a cookie when I get my afternoon coffee.

Buzzfeed: 10 Types of people you find in every gym


Don’t be this person.

Friends have been posting this article from Buzzfeed on Facebook. I wanted to hop on the bandwagon and share it here, because it is so funny.  Did you miss the article?

Check out the 9 other types (all of whom you’ll recognize, but hopefully are not you) when you link here.

What summer diet

summer dietIn the weeks that followed the Fourth of July, I some how fell off the fitness & diet wagon.

The past couple weeks in particular have resulted in my cancelling even my personal fitness dates with my much beloved trainer, Kris, but I’m not making any excuses because the fault lies squarely on my shoulders.  I plan on rectifying the situation after returning from Cape Cod this weekend.  Until then I’m trying my best not to feel like this.

Man boobs

Man BoobsNeed an incentive to get yourself to the gym and to be more active in general?  If the handsome posts of shirtless men won’t motivate you perhaps the horror of identifying with this hilarious depiction of the many types of ‘man boobs’ will do the trick.   Much thanks to Twitter bud, @Onerebeldevil for sharing.

Free fitness classes in Boston

Hitting the gymGym memberships can be costly, but during the summer months Boston has so many free classes throughout the city you needn’t spend any money to get into shape. Yoga, Zumba, Crossfit, Boot Camp, Pilates and Running Clubs all offer affordable ways to get / stay in shape and meet people.

Free Fitness Classes At The Esplanade

Monday: Marathon Sports Running Club run at the Esplanade
Tuesday: Healthworks Zumba at the Hatch Shell
Wednesday: Yoga at Fiedler Field
Thursday: Reebok Crossfit class at Fiedler Field
Friday: Pilates at Fiedler Field

FREE FITNESS CLASSES at post office sq

Monday: Morning Yoga and Evening Zumba
Tuesday: Morning Pilates and Evening Boot Camp
Wednesday: Morning Boot Camp and Evening Yoga
Thursday: Morning Pilaties
Friday: Morning Yin Yoga

Free classes are also being hosted around the city including along The Greenway, City Hall Plaza and in East Boston.  For additional details about free, outdoor fitness classes (most run through the end of August) link to BostonMovesForHealth.org calendar.

Summer diets II

summer dietEarlier this month I wrote a post entitled, Summer diets.  My month of “no meat” continues without issue, and I’ve been successful in dropping a few pounds. However, I have to admit I’ve made a few late night decisions that resemble the above photo.

How are you doing? Are you working out or modifying your diet? I’m pretty public about my desire to get into better physical condition and appreciate everyone who has reached out to share their struggles and accomplishments.

Let me know how you are doing.

Summer diets

Summer dietingThe winter is thankfully a thing of the past and I’ve started obsessing about the beach. The idea of walking around without a shirt is all the incentive I need to do a little extra to try and get into shape.  I’ve already started what I refer to as my June diet which consists of cutting out all meat.  In years past this has helped me drop from what I call my ‘winter weight’ that fluctuates anywhere from 190 – 195 lbs to 185 – 190 lbs.  As I get older it is harder to build muscle but thanks to a great trainer, I’m hoping I’ll be less self conscious walking around this summer.

Do you do anything to try and squeeze off a few extra pounds or bulk up?  I can’t be the only one who goes a bit crazy.


PrancerciseI couldn’t stop laughing watching Joanna Rohrback talk about Prancercise, which she describes as “a springy,rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and is ideally induced by elation.” I can’t make this stuff up if I tried those are the exact words in the video description.

I’m only sorry to let this entrepreneur know that she’s a bit late to the game if she thinks she’s invented such a movement.  Disagree? Come down to Boston’s Pride Parade this Saturday and you’ll see thousands of drag queens (some dressed just like this woman) “prancercising” their way along the parade route. Check out this video.

Charles River jogging and bike paths

Charles River Jogging PathEver since the weather started to get pleasant here in Boston, the Charles River has been flooded with foot and bike traffic.  The 17+ miles of walking / bike paths that follow the contours of the Charles River offer runners and cyclists alike some fantastic views of Boston and Cambridge.  However, you need not commit to such a long workout and can cross back and forth between the many bridges that crisscross the Charles River.

If you live in the area and have not downloaded one of the many maps available feel free to print a copy of this map to give you incentive and to start your spring training so to speak, Marathon Sports Charles River Map.

Speed bumps

AbsI have ab envy.

Fitness update

FitnessI’ve been quiet lately about my personal fitness regimen, but I feel like I’m making some personal gains at the gym thanks to the work I’m doing with my trainer, Kris.

Starting in mid-February we decided we’d try to increase my weights and drop my reps to help change things up and create a more intense workout.  Without a doubt, the change in the workout is showing improvement.  I can feel my back muscles in the days that follow my workouts in a way I have not previously.  It is up to me to get in a few extra sessions at the gym to push my cardio and I need to make better choices in the evening by curtailing how much I eat and opting for healthy alternatives when I’m snacking late at night.  However, with spring now around the corner, I feel pretty good about the progress I’m making. How are you doing? Hopefully with warmer weather now being forecast you can come out of your semi-hibernative state of mind and join me at the gym or shoot me an email / comment to let me know how you are doing.

The first day of spring officially starts two weeks from today.