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Harvard’s LGBTQ Conference is March 5th

gay HarvardThe third annual LGBTQ Conference at Harvard takes place next month on Saturday, March 5, 2016. The conference will revolve around the theme “Beyond Marriage Equality: Rainbows at the Crossroads”. Read more about the one day conference on their website at www.lgbtqconf.org.

Registration is required and is $20 for students, $25 “early bird special” that is good until Friday, February 26th. You can also register the day of the conference at Harvard for $30.

Register Today Here

Looking for Love on Tinder

chadwick moore love in the time of tinderChadwick Moore’s article Love in the time of Tinder: What I Learned From a Month of Dates in Out Magazine’s “Love Issue” caught my eye.  With Valentine’s Day two weeks away I thought the article might be a downer for those hopeless romantics looking for love in the age of phone apps, but it made me laugh reading through his 21 Tinder dates in New York City.

Maybe the German word schniedrefreude applies here but for those who may be looking for love Moore’s article is certain to make you feel better, knowing all those awkward / painful dates are more the norm and less to do with you. 

Gaily Grind: Rugby players bubble butts

sports, assMost of you read my blog while you’re at work so I make an effort to keep my blog pg rated (well pg-13 rated) so employers won’t block my site; this isn’t an easy task since anything “gay” seems to be equated to sex, which often is categorized as porn and blocked.  While my post is perfectly respectable note that the Gaily Grind article, that I link to is not safe for work unless you happen to work in a proctologist’s office.

Here are 10 Times Rugby Players Showed Off Their Butt (NSFW)

Daddyhunt: The Serial (all episodes)

Daddyhunt: The SerialAre you a Daddy or do you have Daddy-issues? The gay dating app, Daddyhunt has a web series that includes seven one and a half minute episodes combined into one video. The video follows a budding romance between two neighbors that starts after a case of mistaken identity.

The Daddyhunt video campaign is sexy and a great way to help build their brand through viral marketing. If you have 10 minutes, check it out. You can learn more about the Daddyhunt app here.

HuffPost Gay Voices is now Queer Voices

Gay Voices, HuffingtonPost

Today HuffingtonPost’s gay news site officially changed their name to Queer Voices four and a half years after they launched HuffPost Gay Voices.  According to the article explaining the name change, back in 2011 there was a feeling the word “queer” was too divisive so it was eschewed.  However, the inclusive nature of the word “queer” and the fact that times and perceptions have changed tipped the scales in favor of incorporating it in their name.

In the article explaining the name change, the editors say they hope the inclusion of the word queer will help change remaining derogatory perceptions and be more inclusive in both name and content. You can read the full article here.

The Bear-Naked Chef with Adrian De Berardinis Episode 3: Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon & Peas

Adrian De Berardinis, cookingThe Bear-Naked Chef better known as Adrian De Berardinis is back with the third episode of his cooking show. In this episode Adrian cooks parpadelle pasta with bacon & peas in a video that runs about eleven and one half minutes long.

The recipe shown below is inspired by a dish from one of Adrian’s favorite New York City Italian restaurants, Bar Pitti in Soho.

If you’ve not watched the scantily clad (he only wears an apron) chef, I’d suggest you check it out. I made his Paccheri Con Gamberi a couple of weeks ago and it was both easy and delicious.

Boston’s LGBT community is the nation’s 5th largest

boyfriendsThe US Census Bureau ties Boston and Seattle with the 5th highest metro area of LGBT residents as a percentage of the total population. That translates into way more than the 1° of separation we joke about, but because our community has been part of the mainstream culture for so long at times we can seem invisible.

To remain both visible and viable we need to support existing LGBT owned businesses and encourage new ones to open. We need make ourselves more visible so when people move to the area they can find a community and make connections more easily, offering viable options to apps like Grindr & Scruff.

Fortunately, there are groups like the Welcoming Committee, The Fellows, Opus Affair and Gay For Good and many sports clubs that can help guys connect.  For more information about those organizations visit my September 2015 posts, Making friends in Boston through local sports teams and clubs and for a more complete list of LGBT social organizations check out, Making friends in Boston (Social Clubs and Groups).