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Ms Coco Peru in Ogunquit this weekend

Drag performersI love Ms. Coco Peru.  She is witty, crass and a guaranteed hoot. No plans? Check out her show. She is performing all weekend at Maine Street in Ogunquit, Maine this weekend.

The ESPN / Michael Sam shower controversy

gay football playerI’m not much of a football fan so I’m a few days behind on the ESPN Michael Sam controversy.  If you are wondering what I’m talking about, I’m referring to ESPN journalist, Josina Anderson, who reported responses on Sports Center, after she inquired how Michael Sam’s teammates are reacting to having a gay player in their locker room and even more disconcerting – the shower!

This so called ‘controversy’ is reminiscent the dumb comments made by those who were opposed to letting female journalists in team locker rooms after games. Everyone quickly figured out this wasn’t a big deal, and I’m hopeful we’ve now come to the same conclusion about gay athletes in the locker room.

Chris LongHaving athletes like Michael Sam come out at the start of their career rather than after they’ve retired is a significant milestone for the LGBT community. Without a doubt there will be future controversies regarding gay athletes but one expects inane comments from athletes, coaches, owners, etc… who may be uncomfortable with the idea of having a gay teammate – not ESPN or the media.

Blogger, Viv Bernstein, writes a bit more about this controversy and the recent history of the media’s obsession with gay men showering in locker rooms in her post, Michael Sam, The Media and That Shower Question.

Summah in Boston

Summer Time in Boston

Much thanks to Jack Sparacino for sharing this photo at R.C.C.

Summer 2014 is nearly over and while it passed quickly, I wanted to point out some new events and places that gave our community a few more options on ways to spend their time during the summer.

Perhaps most notable was the opening of two fun, friendly bars Trophy Room and Cathedral Station. Both seem to have found a niche and are welcome additions to the Boston gay scene.

In addition, Manhunt pool parties hosted by Jonathan Crutchley are becoming more popular as they double as fundraising events for  local LGBT charities.

Chris Tobeck put a spin on summer tea dances by organizing the popular “Big Gay Boat Ride” and bringing popular gay DJs like Jim Clerkin to spin music out in Boston Harbor.

However you may have spent your summer, I hope you had a great time.  Students move back to Boston this weekend and that can only mean one thing, the fall season is nearly upon us.  Make the most of these last few days / weeks.

There Goes The Gayborhood

Amin GhazianiEarlier this month I was mailed Amin Ghaziani’s book, There Goes the Gayborhood, which you can purchase on Amazon (although I would prefer you buy it from a local LGBT bookstore) like Boston’s Calamus Bookstore.

Ghaziani asserts that gay neighborhoods, enclaves, ghettoes (whatever you want to call them) are ‘straightening’ in what he refers to as a post-gay era.  He points out the painful fact that in 1994 there were 16 gay bars in Boston and Cambridge but by 2007 less than a handful remained.  However it isn’t just bars that are closing, LGBT bookstores, shops and even newspapers are shuttering to make way for other businesses as our community evolves.

I’m only about 80 pages into the book so this isn’t a review as much as it is a notice that the book will no doubt influence future posts.  I couldn’t be more happy to live in this ‘post-gay’ world, but I’m of a generation that experienced a less ‘open-minded’ society and that too shapes my perceptions, attitude and makes me more protective of the concept of a gayborhood than my younger counterparts.

Manhunt Pool Party today from 2-6 PM

manhunt pool partyJust a quick reminder to that later today the Manhunt Mansion in Brookline at 166 Fisher Avenue is hosting the annual fundraiser / pool party for the Gay Officer’s Action League (GOAL New England).

Admission is $20 with all proceeds going to GOAL New England.  Food, drink and fun will be available at the pool party barbeque. If you happen to be in town – this is a great party to check out.  Unfortunately, Sergio and I will not be able to attend since we are still in Provincetown.  If you go email me photos from the party at bosguymail@gmail.com or tweet me @bosguy.

More details here.

Those rarest of relationships: Gay / Straight male best friends

male gay straight relationshipsThe Modern Gay posted a great article earlier this month entitled, The One Guy That Every Gay Man Needs In His Life. The article about male gay / straight relationships talks about how important and special a straight male best friend can be for a gay man.

The fact that many gay millennials’ response is likely, I have several close friends who are straight, shows how much progress has been made and also points to a significant divide in gay culture based on age.  Many guys my age (and older) felt they had to move away to come out and essentially started a new “gay” life; one devoid of any meaningful heterosexual male companionship.

I’m lucky because my life experience has been different. My younger brother and a collection of friends from childhood remain some of my closest friends. JVS says it perfectly when he writes:

“A straight best friend doesn’t see sexuality as a defining aspect of your friendship. You are not his “gay best friend” and he is not your “straight best friend”. While some straight girls excitingly seek a gay best friend as some sort of novelty accessory… You share similar values and similar tastes in music, sports, humor…”

Are you lucky enough to have a straight male buddy who knows you and has your back?  My guess is most guys in their 20s or younger would say ‘yes’ where as those in their 30s, 40s and older might struggle to think of someone they’ve talked to recently – let alone would confide in and consider a best friend.

Time for your neck stretches

handsome, hunk, shirtless guy, gingerIt is only halfway through the work week. Take a moment to do a few neck stretches. I’ll make it easier for you with this neck stretch guide.