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Underbear at Pi Alley Saturday night

Underbear Boston October 2015 at Pi AlleyHead over to Pi Alley in DTX Saturday night where you can join DJ Taffy and the usual gang of underwear-clad guys as they welcome October. DJ Taffy’s only request is that you leave the pumpkin spice cologne at home.

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Today’s weather is the pits

hairy, furry, chest, pits, handsome, hunkSince the weather in Boston is disgusting today I thought I’d add this post to express my dissatisfaction. Stay dry and stay inside. Stay away Hurricane Joaquin.

Mates Leather Weekend in Ptown starts today

MLW Ptown, fetish, rubber, latexMates Leather Weekend in Provincetown starts today and runs through the weekend.  Below are some of the events you can expect to attend at this year’s Mates Leather Weekend.

Mates Leather Weekend ProvincetownThursday, October 1
Prime the Pump at Bayside Betsy’s
Bootcamp at A-House

Friday, October 2
Waterfront cocktails at the Harbor Lounge
Welcome Reception at Purgatory
Uniforms and Cigars at Paramount

Saturday, October 3
Leather Tea & Meet the Meat at the A-House
First Mate contest at Paramount

Sunday, October 4
Cookout and Tatto contest poolside at the Crown & Anchor
Fetish Party: Spandex/Lycra/Superhero at The Vault from
Rubber Ball & Closing Party at Purgatory

For more information about Mates Leather Weekend check out their website at matesleatherweekend.com.

Rick and Dave share #KissesForKim

Kisses for Kim 16 yearsLook at this adorable #KissesForKim photograph of Rick and Dave from California.  Rick shared in his email that they met online sixteen years ago and were one of the lucky few to get married in CA in 2009.

#KissesForKim is an online campaign that I first read about on Queerty by two straight guys to show their support for the LGBT community. I really liked their positive message of love and wanted to invite our community to be a part of this positive message. Rick and Dave join my friends Dirk & Jesse and Cole & Hunter with a #KissesForKim photograph. What a handsome bunch of guys.

Kisses for Kim part deux

Cole, Hunter, The Maverick MenLast week I wrote about a campaign started by two straight guys called #KissesForKim to show their support for marriage equality and to show Kim Davis (the rather notorious Kentucky clerk) that love is greater than hate.  To show their support for this affirming message my friends Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman shared a rather romantic kiss poolside.

While I still maintain that Kim is a homophobic imbecile , I do like the message of #KissesForKim, because of its love and life affirming statement; live and let live. So I was happy to see my friends (also notorious in their own right) The Maverick Men send me a picture to show their support #KissesForKim.

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to share photos of you kissing the one you love with the same hashtag. While I don’t know that it will change Mrs. Kim Davis’ mind, I do think it sends a wonderful statement that another person’s spite will not triumph and that in itself is rather sweet to savor. Thanks again Cole & Hunter.



Jesse Jackman & Dirk Caber

According to an article on Queerty a lot of heterosexual men are tired of Kim Davis and her ilk’s antics. Earlier this week two friends uploaded a video to YouTube with a message for the Notorious K.I.M., giving birth to #KissesForKim. I love their message and think they are on to something.  The LGBT community and our allies are far more influential when we are spreading a message of forgiveness and inclusion than when we react out of anger and seek retribution.

You don’t have to be straight to show your support.  My friends Jesse and Dirk were nice enough to share this photo to show their support.  Do you have a photo you want to share? Email me at bosguymail@gmail.com.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Apple CEO Tim Cook explained last night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert why it became important to him to tell the world that he too is gay.

For the record, I am so happy he did.