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Sen Rand Paul says GOP Hawks ‘created’ ISIS

Senator Rand Paul on Republicans and Isis

Yesterday morning Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul surprised me with the passion which he expressed the sentiments shared above and how vigorously he pushed back when questioned about his foreign policy views which were described as ‘isolationist’.

Step right up to the smallest tent in town: Republican Party

Republican Primary Clown ShowNot a single one of them is willing to say they support marriage equality and every one of them think businesses that want to discriminate against gay couples should have the right based on “religious freedom”.   Hashtag this post #STFU.

Ireland votes to legalize gay marriage

marriage equalityCongratulations to Ireland.  While official results have not been formally tabulated it appears the general referendum on granting full marriage equality rights for gay couples has been overwhelmingly voted by the Irish people (some estimates are saying by 70%).

“It is about removing discrimination. It is about removing inequality. It’s historic, and that’s why I’ll be voting yes,” Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny 

While I’m still not an advocate for voting on minority rights, this is an historic milestone for a devoutly Catholic country, which only 20 years ago in 1995 legalized divorce.  Issues of social justice matter to Catholics and not all Catholics see homosexuality as a sin.  Gone are the days that we need to accept the phrase “Love the sinner; hate the sin.”  While the US is a completely different society, I hope the results in Ireland send a chill down Conservatives backs here and we can put this issue to rest in our own country next month when our US Supreme Court (hopefully) rules in favor of marriage equality.

American excellence?

American excellenceI love the United States and think it is a great place to live, but sometimes American hubris gets in the way of what the rest of the world sees / knows. This picture makes the US look like it is still stuck in the 1970s.

Jeb Bush says Christian businesses can refuse to serve gay couples

Jeb BushWow, it didn’t take the Jeb Bush a Republican Presidential candidate and supposed “moderate” to dodge to the right.

Last week Jeb Bush said on CBN News that Christian business owners should not have to provide services for gay weddings if it goes against their religious beliefs.  By that line of thinking those same business owners should not be serving anyone who has been divorced; divorce is mentioned twice as often as homosexuality in the Bible. I’m not stupid and neither are you.  We all know that one’s religious convictions have nothing to do with denying service to gay couples because the list of those who could not / should not be served by this logic would extend to so many groups (Jews, agnostics, etc…) that it would never be allowed – let alone supported by a Presidential primary candidate.

What do you think people’s reactions would be if Jeb Bush said, “Christian business owners should not have to provide services for Jewish weddings.”

I’m not surprised – just disappointed. Many in my family see Gov. Bush as a moderate and reasonable candidate inspite of the fact that he supports issues like this which I personally find offensive, discriminatory and illegal.

Religious Freedom


How Irish seniors will vote on Marriage Equality on May 22nd

Friday, May 22nd Ireland will vote on whether or not they will allow same sex couples to marry under their Constitution. I wrote about this last month and shared a video called Marriage Equality:  Bring your family with you.

Earlier this week Independent.ie shared the video above – talking to Irish seniors on how they will vote on Friday, May 22. If you know anyone in Ireland, I’d like to ask that you speak to them to ask how they will vote and encourage them to consider voting Yes for marriage equality in Ireland.

What will it take for Republican “moderates” to stop making excuses

Republican PartyWhile it is true that Michele Bachmann is now a former Republican US Congresswoman and not running in the Republican Presidential Primary, she was part of the Republican Party’s leadership until earlier this year, and a former Republican Presidential primary candidate.

What will it take for alleged Republican Party “moderates” to forsake their party and stop making excuses for the inexcusable?

So when I discount the current field of Republicans who have announced their run for office of the President of the U.S. let’s keep in mind the former crop which doesn’t just end with Michele “I am a quack” Bachmann.  It is harder and harder for me to take anyone who identifies with this party as a serious candidate.

No matter how liberal the ideas are from progressives like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, there is no comparison to the faith-laced gibberish all Conservatives seem to fall back upon.  Bachmann’s comments are not the exception to the rule they are becoming more and more the language of the Republican Party.