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BosGuy predictions for 2016

So it is official – 2015 is now history. As you may have guessed, I have a few lighthearted predictions for 2016 that I’ve included below in no particular order.

Caitlyn Jenner and Kris JennerCaitlyn Jenner will reconcile with Kris Jenner because while they may not love each other, their love of television ratings will bring them back together. To prove their reconciliation is complete, Caitlyn will legally change her name to Kaitlyn, and Kim, Khloe and Kourtney will use the reconciliation to annoy all of America by talking about it non-stop on every talk show on television.

Kim DavisKim Davis – the infamous Kentucky clerk who refused to sign same-sex marriage licenses – will come out as a lesbian and divorce for a fourth time before finding love with an equally ill-tempered hillbilly lesbian who has a stray cat farm in the Appalachian Mountains.  Thanks to Kentucky state law they can and will apply for a same-sex marriage license and live happily ever after.

Donald Trump for PresidentFOX NEWS and The Republican Establishment will suffer simultaneous aneurysms as they realize the hate they have propagated over the past 25 years has yielded them their weakest crop of candidates in 2016; paving the road for Donald Trump to secure the Republican Party’s nomination for President. Trump’s ego will soar and his rhetoric will follow, alienating the party from crucial groups in the US electorate. November elections will result in Democrats taking back both Houses of Congress and Hillary Clinton being elected the first female president – thereby making America great again.

Do you have any predictions for 2016? Feel free to share.

Shirtless superheroes illustrated by Fab

Fab, gay superhero Hyper masculine representations of Superheroes fuel the imaginations of many gay men. If you have any doubt, check out my 2014 Provincetown video of Carnival when the theme was Comic Book Superheroes.  An illustrator who goes by the name Fab has re-imagined what superheroes might look like without their shirts in poses more appropriate for a photo shoot.

Like what you see? Follow Fab on Instagram, TwitterFacebook and Tumblr. Be advised that Fab’s Tumblr account seems to be where he posts his uncensored NSFW illustrations. Much thanks to Oscar and his blog confessionsofaboytoy.com for initially sharing Fab’s engaging illustrations.  fab, gay superhero

Brokeback Mountain opened in theaters 10 years ago today

Gay movie, Ang Lee, Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath LedgerTen years ago today Ang Lee’s movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, Randy Quaid, Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway was released.

While I’m not a huge fan of Cowboy movies, the heartbreaking romance did draw me in.  To put this in perspective, when Brokeback Mountain was released back in 2005, Gallup found that only 36% of Americans were in favor of marriage equality and same sex marriage was only legal in Massachusetts. I think movies like Brokeback Mountain challenged perceptions about what it means to be gay and as the image above says, “love is a force of nature” that brings us together.

Will & Grace Thanksgiving at Club Cafe tonight

Will and Grace and Thanksgiving at Club Cafe with The Welcoming CommitteeThe Welcoming Committee has teamed up with Club Cafe and will be binge-watching three episodes of Will & Grace (including one double-episode). In addition to the episodes, a $15 admission includes complimentary light bites.  All are welcome starting at 6PM; shows starts at 7PM in the back room at Club Cafe.

For more information or to reserve tickets link here!

Missy Elliott – WTF (Where They From)

This week rapper Missy Elliott released her new song WTF (Where They From). Missy teamed up with this Pharrell to produce the catchy song that I predict will be playing in a lot of gay clubs this weekend so I thought I’d share the official video which I can only describe as over the top.

Jordan Smith on The Voice

Sergio and I have been watching The Voice this season, and ever since the blind auditions I’ve been a bit obsessed with one contestant in particular, Jordan Smith. The unlikely singer from coal country in Kentucky has an amazing voice, but it is his comments after singing that touch my heart the most; unfortunately neither clip capture what I’m talking about but check out his rendition of Chandelier in the video above and his performance from last night when he sang Halo by Beyoncé.

Anyone else watching The Voice? I’m curious if you also think this guy is special.

When Love Hurts by JoJo

New England native and pop star, JoJo, is back and she’s smoking hot in her new music video. Are you hearing this out at the clubs? It’s practically begging for a remix. Who will be the first to do this for me?