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SpeakEasy Stage presents Big Fish

SpeakEasy Stage, theater, boston theater, boston artsLater this week Boston’s SpeakEasy Stage will present Big Fish at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End.   The 2.5 hour musical is based on the Daniel Wallace novel and the 2003 Tim Burton film that starred Ewan McGregor.

Big Fish tells the story of Edward Bloom, a travelling salesman whose larger-than-life stories of epic adventures delight those around him; except for his pragmatic son, Will.  As Edward’s health begins to fail and Will learns that he is about to become a father, Will sets out to discover his family’s real story by seeking the truth behind his Dad’s tall tales.

Big Fish March 13 – April 11 – Get Your Tickets Here

I look forward to seeing the show and hearing from those of you who see Big Fish. Support Boston’s local theater and arts scene by attending one or more cultural / arts events each month.  If it has been a while since attending a local theater company production or visiting one of Boston’s many cultural venues, consider seeing Big Fish or feel free to reach out to me for suggestions for ideas.

SpeakEasy Stage presents: A Future Perfect

SpeakEasy Stage, Boston TheaterBoston’s SpeakEasy Stage Company’s first production of the calendar year opens tomorrow on Friday, January 9th for a brief run at the Calderwood Pavilion. The world premiere of A Future Perfect is about two couples, Claire & Max and Alex & Elena, who are best friends.  That friendship is tested when one couple announces they are expecting a baby and careers start to trump youthful ideals.

A Future Perfect:  Jan 9 – Feb 7 – Tickets Here

SpeakEasy Stage presents Bad Jews

Photo by: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

Photo by: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

Verbal sparring dark comedy, Bad Jews, will leave you speechless

Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon and directed by Rebecca Bradshaw is currently running at the Calderwood Pavilion in the South End.   Set in March in a studio on the Upper West Side of NYC, this dark comedy includes four characters but really centers on two equally unlovable and selfish cousins who manipulate conversations and relationships to get their way.   Don Aucoin from The Boston Globe sums it up best, “this is a dark comedy that cuts deep and draws blood.”

The key to this storyline is the amazing dialog and the speed at which it is delivered.  The 110 minute play unfolds at the speed of light and leaves you gasping at the verbal spars and emotional vulnerability; manufactured or real it doesn’t seem to matter because the tension on the stage is palpable.  This is one of those plays that you want to go grab a drink to discuss after you see it.

While this production must have added angst for those raised in the Jewish faith, one needn’t be Jewish to be touched (and horrified). The play is impossible to turn away from and will suck you in from the first moment to the touching final scene between Jonah and Daphna.

Bad Jews runs until Saturday, Nov. 29th – Get Your Tickets Here

Bad Jews opens Friday, Oct. 24th

Bad Jews SpeakEasy Stage Company BostonSpeakEasy Stage Company’s latest production, Bad Jews, opens this weekend.  Described as a seriously smart comedy about family, faith and legacy, this play has caught my attention.  Tickets are already on sale and performances start this Friday, October 24th.

Bad Jews October 24 – November 29

Learn more about the play and buy your tickets here.

SpeakEasy Stage Co. presents Far from Heaven

Photo credit: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

Photo credit: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

Set in Hartford, CT in the 1950s, this musical from the SpeakEasy Stage Company made me wonder if I was going to be able to relate to the storyline, but any apprehension I may have had was dispelled immediately.

I promise that this musical will resonate and entertain you.  Sex, gossip, and keeping up appearances run through this two hour and twenty minute performance with some surprising twists. A personal favorite was the “Wandering Eyes” scene shown below when the seemingly perfect couple is out dancing on vacation in Miami.

BCA ResCo - SpeakEasy Stage Company - Far From Heaven

Photo credit: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

The story is compelling and the cast does a great job.  I was drawn in from the moment the lights dimmed until it was time to go. This show would make for either a great date night or evening out with friends. The subject matter addressed remains as relevant as ever but is not heavy-handed or preachy making it great fodder for discussion after leaving the show.

Performances run through October 11 and I would encourage you to get tickets today.  More information about the musical and to purchase tickets are available here.

CARRIE the musical is a scream

SpeakEasy Stage Company

Elizabeth Erardi in the SpeakEasy Stage production of CARRIE THE MUSICAL.
Photo by Craig Bailey / Perspective Photo.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to see CARRIE the musical by SpeakEasy Stage Company.  I’ll admit that I didn’t know quite what to expect of a classic Stephen King novel that had been adapted into musical theater, but the cast made me a believer, and I think you’d enjoy this show as well.

Paul Melone does a fantastic job directing this New England premiere and it is definitely a worthy consideration for a date night or fun night out with friends. The cast does an impressive job and includes a number of good voices.

Do you have tickets to the show which runs through Saturday, June 7th? If not, you can purchase them here.

SpeakEasy Stage presents Carrie The Musical

CARRIE the musicalThe SpeakEasy Stage Company’s next production, CARRIE The Musical opens this Saturday and Friday, May 16th is SpeakEasy Stage Co’s Out & About performance where you can join the cast following for a special post-show party.

Get your tickets here.