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SpeakEasy Stage: TRIBES


photo credit: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

Erica Spyres and James Caverly in a scene from the SpeakEasy Stage Company production of TRIBES, at the Stanford Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts, 527 Tremont Street in Boston’s South End.

The SpeakEasy Stage Co. first play of their 2013-2014 season, TRIBES, opened last week, and  I had the opportunity to see a performance this past weekend. I was genuinely surprised by how touched I was and would encourage you to put this on your calendar.

British playwright and director, Nina Raine, who wrote this play is obviously incredibly talented but The SpeakEasy Stage Co. deserves credit for their production.  The staging is great and creates an intimate connection with the audience.  The cast works well together, and at different moments each of them shine without stealing the other’s spotlight.

The show centers around Billy (played by James Caverly), a deaf son born into a dysfunctional English family that certainly loves but mostly overlooks him.  I’ll admit that the story didn’t speak to me when I read about it but I’m so happy that I went to see this show and I’m confident you’ll feel the same way too.  Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased at the Box Office, by phone 617-933-8600 or online, SpeakEasyStage.com.

Pick ad date and order your tickets today.

SpeakEasy Stage: In The Heights

speakeasy stage bostonIn The Heights, the winner of four 2008 Tony Awards, is the current production from The SpeakEasy Stage Company that opened May 10th and runs through June 16th.  The musical will grab your attention with large dance numbers set to rap and hip hop rhapsodies all set in NYC’s Latino neighborhood, Washington Heights, in the summer of 2003.  The story centers around members of this closely knit neighborhood and how their lives are entwined with the neighborhood they all call home.

Boston TheaterIf you require a bit more incentive to purchase tickets to this show, I’ll give you three reasons: Diego Klock-Perez (Usnavi) and Jorge Barranco (Sonny) who’s lives center around their barrio bodega.  Their rap and dance scenes are among the best in the show.  However, I was distracted every time the incredibly handsome actor, Jared Dixon (Benny), stepped on stage and his shirtless scene on the balcony at the opening of the second act alone makes this show worth its money, but fortunately there is more to offer than these three men and the entire cast really does deserve credit for pulling off some intricate dance and musical numbers.  This is a great date option or night out with friends.

You may purchase tickets at The Calderwood Pavilion box office on Tremont Street in the South End or by phone, 617-933-8600 or online at SpeakEasyStage.com.

Other Desert Cities: GLBT night

SpeakEasy Stage

Photo by Craig Bailey/ Perspective Photo

Now that we are halfway through the work week, it is time to start planning for the weekend.  On Friday, January 18th I will be heading over to enjoy The SpeakEasy Stage Out & About performance of Other Desert Cities.

Out & About night at The SpeakEasy Stage welcomes everyone but it is safe to say there is even more than usual representation from the GLBT community on these special performance nights. Following Friday’s show, all are welcome to join the cast after the performance for a special post-show party.

Join me this Friday and be sure to say hello.  You may buy your tickets online here or call the box office at, 617.933.8600.

All about election eve

SpeakEasy StageOn Sunday night I’ll be heading to a special concert to benefit SpeakEasy Stage that includes Boston’s first ladies of song – Leigh Barrett, Mary Callanan, Kerry A. Dowling, and Kathy St. George.  Tickets remain available for both Sunday and Monday night.  If you plan on going on Sunday let me know and perhaps we can meet early for a drink.  Tickets are available at the box office or on the SpeakEasy Stage Company website.

The play you can’t say to your Mom

SpeakEasy StageThis past weekend I saw The SpeakEasy Stage production of The Mother-F**ker with the Hat.  The attention grabbing and funny name is appropriate for this Tony-nominated play. Performed without intermission, the show is divided into nine scenes.  The highly charged and dramatic vignettes are laced with witty lines that drew consistent and hearty laughs from the entire audience.

Cousin Julio proves to be the most lovable character and delivers some of the most humorous lines. However, one unintentional funny moment that caught my attention occurred when Ralph D (played by Maurice Emmanuel Parent) was standing stark naked stage left and Veronica (played by Evelyn Howe) was talking stage right.  Looking out at the audience I noticed nearly every man’s head remained stage left on Ralph D. I should note that I happened to see the play on “Out Night” when it seemed as if half the South End was in the room.  Do yourself a favor and call the box office today to reserve tickets to this show. You’ll enjoy watching this as much as you will talking about it. Plus, its fun to tell people the name of the play when they inquire what you saw.

SpeakEasy Stage Production Co.

From left: Jaime Carrillo, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, and Alejandro Simoes from the SpeakEasy Stage Company production of “The Motherf**ker with the Hat,” Photo: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.

The SpeakEasy Stage production runs through Saturday, October 13th so hurry to get tickets by phone at 617.933.8600 or online here.

SpeakEasy Stage one day sale

speakeasy stage bostonWhile I enjoy the travelling Broadway productions, I really prefer supporting Boston’s local theater companies.  One of my favorite theater companies is the SpeakEasy Stage, which I’ve written a fair bit about here.

Today only the SpeakEasy Stage Co is having a one day sale. The sale, which started online at  midnight, for select performances for both The Motherf**cker with the Hat (September 14 – 20 shows only) and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (October 19 – 25 shows only) are just $25 (not including service fees).  If you purchase tickets at the Box Office at 527 Tremont Street in the South End you can avoid the service fees too (Box Office is open from 12-6PM).

This is an amazing deal and opportunity for you to plan a fun night out with someone special or a group of friends.  Help support Boston’s theater scene and make plans with your friends today.  More about The SpeakEasy Stage, their 2012-2013 season and how to buy tickets online here.

Check out these Boston theater performances

SpeakEasy Stage, Lyric Stage, Huntington TheaterHere are a few worthwhile theater performances from some of Boston’s local theater companies. Support your community’s local theater scene and plan an evening with friends to see a show.  Select the links below to learn more about each performance and to purchase tickets.

Support Boston’s Local Theater Companies

Xanadu – SpeakEasy Stage Co. – This  fun performance elevates “camp” and will leave you humming familiar Olivia Newton John songs from the early 80s all the while laughing heartily with friends.  In my opinion its the surprise show of the summer, which I give “two glow sticks up.”  See the show and you’ll understand my reference. Xanadu closes on June 9th.

Private Lives – Huntington Theater Co – Can you imagine bumping into your former spouse while away on your second honeymoon? Neither can I but that’s the premise of this hilarious production which will run through June 24th

Avenue Q – Lyric Stage Co. of Boston – Have you never seen this popular Broadway musical, best described as Seasame Street for adults?  This show has fantastically funny songs like The Internet is for Porn, and will leave you laughing out loud. Due to demand, this show has been extended and will run through July 1st.