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Prime time football poolside at Ink Block, Sept. 10

football, sportsPresented by CapitalOne 360: you are invited for pre-game festivities from 5:30-8:00 PM at CapitalOne 360, followed by the New England vs. Pittsburg game screening at 8:30 PM at Ink Block’s rooftop pool.

If you are interested, please note you need to RSVP (no cost) here.

Making friends in Boston through local sports teams and clubs

Ironsides Gay Rugby TeamPeople who are new to Boston can find this a tough town to break into and make friends.  Using gay apps and going to bars will only get you so far so I’ve compiled a list of gay sports clubs / teams you can join to meet people.

Some of the clubs / teams listed below are seasonal so take that into account when you reach out to these groups and best of luck to you.  If you are new to Boston, let me be among the first to welcome you.

Beantown Softball League

Boston Flag Football

Boston Gay Basketball League

Boston Pride Hockey

Boston Strikers Soccer

Boston Ironsides Rugby

Monday Night Bowling League

Liquid Assets New England Swimming (LANES)

OutRyders: New England’s Gay Ski & Snowboard Club

Frontrunners: Boston Gay Running Club

Tennis 4 All

Apologies if I have overlooked any area gay clubs or sports leagues.  Feel free to add information for any such group in the comments section of my blog.

US Open 2015

Serena WillisamsThe 2015 US Open starts today.  New York City will be awash with the best tennis players in the world, but nobody will have more eyes on them then Serena Williams.  At 34 years old she is not only the best in the world, but she is also on the verge of winning the calendar year Grand Slam: Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

The last woman to win the calendar year grand slam was Stefi Graf in 1988 who accomplished this amazing feat when she was 19 years old. I’ll be cheering for Serena until I’m hoarse for the next two weeks.

Boston Ironsides rugby boot camp Saturday, July 25th

Ironsides Gay Rugby TeamWant to get in a good work out and meet some fun and friendly guys?  The 2015 Boston Ironsides Rugby Boot Camp is Saturday, July 25.  The program is intense but fun and runs for two hours, focusing on general rugby and power skills.  No rugby or sports experience is necessary.

Rugby Boot Camp in South Boston – Saturday, July 25th
10AM – 12PM (drinks and food to follow)
Moakley field in South Boston, by the hockey rink on Day Blvd

For more info or to buy at ticket click here

A post-work out drink-up at the Alley and an event tank top are included as part of the $25 registration fee.  The boot camp starts at 10 AM at Moakley field in South Boston, by the hockey rink on Day Blvd. We’ll cool down at noon and head to The Alley bar for some beer and food.

For more details visit here and to purchase a ticket visit the Boston Ironsides website here.

Deadspin article: Athletes you should bone instead of Cristiano Ronaldo

soccer, football, sports, athleteEarlier this month Deadspin posted this article, Athletes you should bone instead of Cristiano Ronaldo, and my brother emailed it to me saying it seemed more appropriate for my blog than Deadspin; I’m inclined to agree so I thought I’d give it the attention it deserves.

It seems like everyone who left a comment (worth perusing by the way) had an opinion or two to share about overlooked athletes so I’d suggest a few as well.  Let me know who you’d add to this list of athletes.

Jim Garoppolo is so handsome I might actually watch a Patriots game if Brady’s suspension isn’t overturned and he starts for New England.football, NFL, jock, hunk, handsome

How could a gay blog overlook Ben Cohen?  I’m deeply suspicious that the Deadspin author has no idea what he’s talking about since he overlooked Ben.Ben Cohen

I also have a bit of a crush on an Olympic athlete. The 27 year old Aussie bobsledder, Simon Dunn, currently lives and trains in Calgary, Canada.bobsledder, olympian, Australian

So who else would you add to this list?

Come and Scrum: Ironsides Rugby party in Ptown

Ironsides rugby, boston gay rugby, boston sportsWill you be in Provincetown for Bear Week?  Join the ruggers of the Boston Ironsides at their annual Bear Week celebration for some pre-Tea fun featuring traditional and not-so-traditional rugby shenanigans and revelry.

Ironsides Gay Rugby TeamWhen:  Wednesday, July 15th from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Where:  Harborside Lounge at 359 Commercial St. in Ptown
Event Details:  Come & Scrum Facebook Page

Proceeds raised will benefit the Boston Ironsides Rugby Football Club, New England’s gay and gay-friendly USA Rugby- and IGR-sanctioned rugby team. To learn more about Ironsides Rugby team visit them online at bostonironsides.org.

Swoon: Jimmy Garoppolo of New England Patriots

Sharp Dressed ManFriends know that I don’t care for football and in the I fall arrange my grocery shopping each Sunday to coincide when the New England Patriots play so I can avoid the normal weekend crowds.

However, living in Boston, it is hard for even someone like me to completely avoid the endless discussions about Tom Brady’s recent fine and suspension.  I could not care less about the decision, but it has thrust the Patriot’s back up QB, Jim Garoppolo into the spotlight. I have to admit I had no idea who this guy was but I am developing a deep and abiding crush on this hunk.  Does Mr. Kraft have a casting couch for signing quarterbacks? Is it possible the New England Patriots have two of the best looking men in the NFL?  I think I’m in love.

football, NFL, jock, hunk, handsome