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Aspen Gay Ski Week: Jan 11-18, 2015

Aspen Gay Ski WeekFour weeks from today is the 2015 Aspen Gay Ski Week.   Aspen Gay Ski Week includes daily skiing/boarding on one of the four mountains in the area with guides for all abilities. We also have daily apres ski parties, dinners, comedy, film, boutique & art walk, nightly parties, snow shoeing, sleigh rides, yogo & spa days…and much much more.

Check out the full schedule of activities here.

More information about logistics and Aspen Gay Ski Week is available here.

Caption this photo

wrestling, sports humorCaption this photo. Similar to my wrestling photo from October’s “Caption this photo” post, I feel like it offers you opportunities to impress me with your wit so fire away and share with me a funny caption.

Fantasy football

sportsI’d be far more inclined to watch college football if the players looked like this guy. I suppose this is my version of ‘fantasy football’.

Simon Dunn

Simon Dunn, Gay Bobsledder, Australian Simon DunnSimon Dunn is an out and proud Olympian who competes in the winter sport, bobsledding. He joins a small but growing group of athletes who in recent years have stepped forward while competing.  Simon and his peers are debunking gay stereotypes in their respective sports and in doing so making it easier for others to come out of the closet as well.

gay bobsledder, australian gay athleteSimon’s photographs have been making the round on gay websites since he came out so initially I held off posting until a friend and reader, Jim L., reached out suggesting Simon as a future Furry Friday.  Truth be told, I think Simon would make for a perfect Temptation, Tuesday, Furry Friday, Bonus Fur or Scruffy Sunday post but in the end I wanted to feature him on his own. You can also follow him on Instagram here, instagram.com/bobsleighsimon or on Twitter where he is relatively new, twitter.com/bobsleighsimon.

Thank you Jim for the suggestion.

Norway curling team puts on their pants without using their hands

Thanks to Passport Magazine for sharing this clip.

Caption this photo


gay, humor, soccer, footballCaption this photo Similar to last month’s “Caption this photo” post, I feel like this image offers you many opportunities to impress so fire away and share with me a funny caption for this rather ‘hands on’ photo.

Michael Sam: GQ Man of the Year

Michael Sam GQ coverI know that this story broke yesterday but I was busy with work and had no time to share my congratulations to Michael Sam for being one of those honored with a GQ cover for their Men of the Year issue.  I don’t know Michael Sam and I don’t follow football but he is a profile in courage who deserves to be honored and recognized.  Congratulations Michael Sam and best of luck to you in 2015.