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Boston Out-Fit Challenge is Oct. 11 has been cancelled

Out Fit ChallengeBoo… Apparently there wasn’t enough interest and the event has been cancelled.

NFL domestic abuse and the Rice / Goddall scandal

NFL domestic abuseThere have been 84 domestic violence arrests in the NFL since 2000 Source: USA Today

This morning MSNBC co-host, Mika Brzezinski, pointed out that when a private discussion between the former owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling,  and his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, was made public the entire NBA quickly renounced his racist rhetoric.  His own team even played games with their jerseys inside out to protest his words.

Juxtapose that reaction with the recent Ray Rice / Roger Goddall scandal that involves a domestic abuse incident, and I’m left wondering why the NFL (and sports in general) treats domestic abuse like it is less offensive than racism?  I’ve heard a few rants from broadcasters but that is about all. Apparently athletes can’t abide the idea of racist words but violent outbursts directed at their wives or girlfriends don’t warrant the same response. At least that is how it appears to me and I think that is part of the problem; in sports Racism > Domestic Abuse.

2015 Boston Marathon online registration opens on Monday

Boston MarathonThe Boston Athletic Association online-only, rolling registration for the 2015 Boston Marathon opens Monday at 10 a.m. on September 8, 2014.

Just as in the past years, the runners for the 119th Boston Marathon with the fastest qualifying times in each gender and age group will be allowed to register first on baa.org, according to the race’s rolling admission policy. Other qualified runners can follow who beat the qualifying time by 20 minutes or more.

For those who simply enjoy cheering on the runners (like me), note that the Marathon will take place on Monday, April 20, 2015.

Gay Games IX in Cleveland

Gay Games flag footballThis is a guest blog post from Marc D. a competitor in the Gay Games IX hosted in Cleveland, Ohio earlier this summer.

Gay Games IX was held in Cleveland and Akron, OH August 9-16.  The city was selected in 2009 by the Federation of Gay Games (FGG), winning out over Boston and Washington, DC. I was part of the group from Boston that worked to create our bid and when Cleveland was selected many of us were extremely disappointed, since there were numerous examples of their bid process not following the established guidelines.  However, I don’t want to go into that – it’s water under the bridge at this point – but I did want to share my experiences as a competitor at Gay Games IX.

I was fortunate to be part of the gold-medal winning flag football team – the MassMutual Blue – but that competition was an example of why I would believe Cleveland was a poor choice as a host city.  The term ‘destination city’ was heard a lot but the problem is Cleveland is not a destination city.  As a result, fewer people attended these games; flag football and softball only had 3 teams each in the A/B division; 4 in C; 10 in D; and 2 in the women’s division, etc.  By contrast, Boston hosted a softball tournament over the 4th of July weekend that included nearly 40 teams in 2 divisions – twice as many as participated in Cleveland.

I don’t have official numbers but heard that approximately 6,000 participants were on hand; compared to approximately 10,000 from the two prior Gay Games I attended (2002 in Sydney and 2006 in Chicago).  Regardless of the actual number, I had expected to see people everywhere we went – this is supposed to be the largest LGBT sporting event in the world – yet downtown Cleveland, where I stayed, was very quiet.  So while winning a gold medal was very rewarding, especially since the team we beat hadn’t lost any of its 4 prior games, the fact remains that it was a very small flag football tournament.  The same can be said for many of the other sports; it was a poorly attended Games and that’s disappointing.  I wanted to feel that we were making an impact and that just did not happen.

Fortunately it looks like the Federation of Gay Games has learned their lesson and have picked Paris has the host city for Gay Games 10 in 2018.  I’m already making my plans already and hope to see you there.

Gay Games IX

About the author:  Marc D. is a non-profit development professional who lives in Boston and has a passion for sports. 





The ESPN / Michael Sam shower controversy

gay football playerI’m not much of a football fan so I’m a few days behind on the ESPN Michael Sam controversy.  If you are wondering what I’m talking about, I’m referring to ESPN journalist, Josina Anderson, who reported responses on Sports Center, after she inquired how Michael Sam’s teammates are reacting to having a gay player in their locker room and even more disconcerting – the shower!

This so called ‘controversy’ is reminiscent the dumb comments made by those who were opposed to letting female journalists in team locker rooms after games. Everyone quickly figured out this wasn’t a big deal, and I’m hopeful we’ve now come to the same conclusion about gay athletes in the locker room.

Chris LongHaving athletes like Michael Sam come out at the start of their career rather than after they’ve retired is a significant milestone for the LGBT community. Without a doubt there will be future controversies regarding gay athletes but one expects inane comments from athletes, coaches, owners, etc… who may be uncomfortable with the idea of having a gay teammate – not ESPN or the media.

Blogger, Viv Bernstein, writes a bit more about this controversy and the recent history of the media’s obsession with gay men showering in locker rooms in her post, Michael Sam, The Media and That Shower Question.

Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

Things that make BosGuy go hmm...I know that there were many funny photos earlier this summer from World Cup but I couldn’t resist to share this one. Gawd only knows what is actually happening here.

Equality Illinois hosts OUT at the Sox

gay sportsNormally when I write about baseball it is about my Boston Red Sox. However, I read a story in Huffington Post about Equality Illinois hosting what I believe to be the first LGBT “Night Out” to see the Chicago White Sox.

The evening has apparently drawn some mean spirited comments from some White Sox fans so I wanted to voice my support for the LGBT Pride Night and encourage anyone who might read my blog and live in Chicago to enjoy the evening.  For more information about the evening and to purchase tickets link here.