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Photography tips from Essdras M. Suarez

essdras suarezLove photography?  Would you like to get tips from an expert?  Learn more about photography by attending this FREE lecture with Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Essdras Suarez. 

Essdras M Suarez has traveled to over 30 countries as a Globe photographer. Gain valuable insights as Essdras critiques anonymous photos submitted by the audience and stay for even more advice during a question and answer session. Details about how and where to send photographs are included on the registration page.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM 
At the Boston Globe 135 Morrissey Blvd.

You must register to attend and seats are limited.  If you are interested, register for Picture Perfect Insider Photography Tips from Essdras M Suarez.

Harvard Square nightlife

Guys DrinkingI can’t recall the last time I said this but last Saturday I grabbed my passport (sorry local joke guys) and headed over to Harvard Square, and I have to admit it was a blast. The next day while I was perusing the Boston Globe online I happened to see an article raving about the nightlife in Harvard Square.  

So why is Harvard Square’s nightlife rebounding? According to The Boston Globe article it is due to a concerted effort to help it flourish (Hello Boston Mayoral candidates would you please take note?)

The city of Cambridge wants a more vibrant nightlife and are encouraging more live music venues and asking restaurants to stay open later. The city is also reviewing the current cap on liquor licenses and policies governing outdoor late night dining. Don’t believe me? Read the Boston Globe article, Harvard Square Gets Its Nightlife Groove Back.

Hello Boston – would you please take note?

Why I take the ferry to Provincetown

Provincetown traffic

This was the article in The Boston Globe after epic traffic had many in their car for hours.  Without traffic, Boston to Ptown takes approximately 2 hours.  However, several friends spent more than 5 hours driving back home last weekend.  My advice, take the ferry if you live in Boston.

Need details about the ferry companies and schedules? Give me a shout and I’m happy to offer my advice.

Boston Globe’s Munch Madness Final Four

Boston Globe Munch MadnessThe Boston Globe’s annual restaurant tournament modeled after the NCAA’s spring basketball tournament bracket, brings together 64 restaurants that are divided roughly between contestants from the previous year and new entrants.

After more than a week, the 2013 Munch Madness has moved into the Final Four, pitting Craigie on Main vs. Hungry Mother and Gaslight vs. Oleana.  Who will survive and go on to the finals?

Cast your vote today. Voting for the Final Four ends on Friday, March 29th.

VOTE HERE2013 Munch Madness

2013 Munch Madness

Boston Globe Munch MadnessThe Boston Globe’s annual restaurants tournament, Munch Madness, modeled after the NCAA’s spring basketball bracket has started again. Sixty-four restaurants have been plotted in the Globe’s restaurant bracket but only one can win.  Make your picks now – voting for round 1 starts today, March 20th and runs though March 21st.

Link Here To Cast Your Vote

BosGuy’s near miss

This past Friday four of us drove from Boston to Albany, NY to spend the weekend with a couple who purchased and remodeled a beautiful home (I’ll talk more of that in a future post). While driving to Albany we nearly missed a head on collision with a car that was driving the wrong direction on Interstate-90 (The Mass Pike).

After being run off the road into the grassy median that separates the East bound and West bound highway, I frantically dialed 9-1-1 to report the incident. Unfortunately, the next day we learnt right after running us off the road, an 84-year old driving the wrong way collided head on with a 28-year-old man; both were killed. One can only assume guard rails and traffic prevented the young man from swerving like we did.

We were shaken after the incident and saddened to read about this the next day. My thoughts are with the families affected by the tragedy.

Full story here.

Where in Boston should you live?

Where in Boston should you live 

Boston.com recently posted a quick and easy survey that supposedly identifies the Boston neighborhood which suits your personality best. Are you a Boston resident? Contemplating a move to Boston? Or have you never visited and curious what part of town to book your hotel? Take this survey; it is all in good fun.

Thanks to blogger / friend Julian for telling me about this.

Boston rent continues to rise

Rents and housing prices will never compete with those in New York City or even San Francisco, but sadly Boston does have a well deserved reputation for being a very expensive place to live.

An article that appeared in The Boston Globe on Tuesday about the unusually tight rental market in Boston points to a large influx of empty-nesters who are buying and renting properties as fast as they become available.

The Boston Globe story found that rent for a two-bedroom apartment ranges between an average of $1,237 per month in Dorchester to $2,857 per month in Back Bay.   Let’s hope that more properties will be built and quickly so the market doesn’t add any more stress on young professional, couples and families who want to remain in Boston but are priced out of the market.

Source:  The Boston Globe

2012 Munch Madness

Munch MadnessThe NCAA  Basketball tournament comes to Boston starting this week with some very high profile college basketball tournament match ups.

Couldn’t care less?

Me too, but one contest that I can sink my teeth into (so to speak) is Munch Madness.  This is an event where foodies from all over Boston vote for their favorite chefs and restaurants.  Not familiar with Munch Madness?

The Boston Globe creates a bracket of 64 restaurants (see photo above) and you get to pick your favorite restaurant as they go head-to-head with competing restaurants until a champion is picked. The first round starts today and runs through Thursday.  On Friday check back to see if your picks survived so you can vote for them in the second round.  The finals takes place at the end of this month and the winner will be announced on April 4th.

Fill out your Munch Madness Brackets here

The Boston Globe annual limerick submission contest

Each year The Boston Globe encourages readers to write a limerick in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Have you submitted a limerick yet? Get in touch with your inner naughty-poet and submit your own limerick to The Boston Globe here.

Here is a humorous submission from 2011, which was penned by Kari Pedersen from Medford, MA.

There once was a mayor from Boston
Who’d talk like his mouth’s full of cotton
He’d mumble and he’d fumble
And on occasion, take a tumble
But his laughable gaffes not forgotten

Central and Kendall Square Cambridge is booming

Recession?  What recession?

The Boston Globe is reporting that the $600 million laboratory and office complex for Novartis designed by noted architect, Maya Lin, in Cambridge’s Central Square has been approved and is expected to be completed in 2015. Architect buffs will recall Lin’s work was first recognized in the US after designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. in 1982.

This news comes on the heels of two other unrelated articles in The Boston Globe that addressed new projects underway across the river.  First was the announcement in late October that a $500 million development to build a 1.7 million square foot science and technology campus for Biogen was proposed. That news was followed by M.I.T.’s announcement last week that it was preparing to spend $700 million to redevelop eight of its properties in Kendall Square in Cambridge.

For those not familiar with the area, Cambridge neighbors Boston and can be seen from across the Charles River.  Central and Kendall Square are two prominent neighborhoods in Cambridge separated by just a few blocks.

Boston area bargain shoppers rejoice

The Boston Globe has an article in today’s business section about a significant mixed use development in Somerville to rejuvenate Assembly Row.  Plans for this ‘mixed use neighborhood’ include condos, a hotel, a new IKEA, a new orange line metro station and more than 30 retail outlet stores. Typically outlet stores are not found so close to a downtown location, and this would be the closest concentration of outlets in Boston just a few miles from the heart of Boston.

According to the Globe article, Federal Realty has begun building roads and other infrastructure at the 45-acre site. They plan to begin construction on the first buildings early next year: a pair of apartment blocks with 450 units and street-level stores, being developed by AvalonBay Communities Inc.

You can read the full article on the Boston Globe here.

Occupy Boston

The Boston Globe has compiled a 2-minute video of Occupy Boston that I’ve included. Occupy Boston started as a sympathy or copy cat movement inspired by the protests in NYC called Occupy Wall Street.

The movement has garnered much attention locally and has been trending on Twitter for the past several days.   Like all forms of civil disobedience now, the group relies upon and heavily uses social media including Twitter and facebook as well as maintaining a website, occupyboston.com.  Local politicians like Boston’s Mayor have expressed sympathy for the protesters, acknowledging their frustrations while asking them to be respectful of the public space they are occupying.

Is Occupy Wall Street and the nearly dozen other copy cat protests in most major cities of the US the Left’s response to the Tea Party which energized the political Right? Time will tell but I’m glad that this movement is taking hold because its forcing a dialog that should continue.

Check out Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream response to these protests called Those who occupy: We stand with you I’d love to see more follow in the steps of B&J. 

Many LGBT patients feel alienated by their health providers

Massachusetts is a more progressive part of the US and a relatively safe haven for the LGBT community so I was surprised to read The Boston Globe article on Monday, LGBT patients search for healing; an excellent article which features the Fenway Health Clinic.

Researchers say that LGBT people are more likely to experience a variety of health problems…The reason is largely that they don’t seek health care for fear of being stigmatized in the doctor’s office.

The article is illuminating because living here it is easy to assume such problems don’t exist.  It also made me wonder if a place like MA which is welcoming to the LGBT community can still be frightening then what are the implications for those living in more isolated and intolerant places?

Despite the seriousness of the subject, I suppose I’m quite proud that The Boston Globe committed resources to report this story and it made me wish more mainstream media would follow suit.

What are your thoughts?

All about Pizza

I felt compelled to write about The Boston Globe’s article, Boston’s best pizza eateries.   If I was only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would probably be pizza. Its basic ingredients – bread, cheese and tomatoes are some of my favorite foods.

The photo above I would classify as food porn.  Its a cheese pizza from Pizzeria Regina in the North End.  However, one of the things I absolutely love about pizza is its variety.  Chef and owner of Scampo at the Liberty hotel, Lydia Shire, makes a lobster pizza which is delicious (note: for some reason they cannot perfect this same pizza at her restaurant towne).   If you are interested in what aficionados have to say about the local pizza scene, check out The Boston Globe article.

What is your favorite place to order a pizza?  I don’t care where you live. I’ve eaten pizza everywhere; on the streets of Rome, Paris, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Melbourne and many places in between.