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Happy valentine’s day

Valentines Day

Pick your cupid

Valentine's DaySince Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I wanted to give you a chance to select your preferred cupid.  Let his arrow aim true.

Dysfunctional Valentine Hearts

Valentine's DayBlack Friday as a few of my friends are referring to Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away.  While I’m a fan of any holiday that encourages people to tell those they care about how important they are to them, I’m not so deluded as to think that this holiday is everyone’s favorite so I thought I’d share this funny image.

Boycott 1800Flowers this Valentine’s Day

Rush Limbaugh boycottMany of you may be contemplating ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to remind you that when you place an order with 1800Flowers you are helping to support Rush Limbaugh.

Help spread the word and buy your flowers elsewhere.

Pick your Cupid

Valentine's DayI recognize that one size no longer fits. A simple “Be Mine” statement may not be sufficient so I’ve made this easier for you by letting you select the appropriate cupid you’d like to share with someone special in your life.

For those who may be between someone special, take a moment to think about those individuals who love and care for you.  While Valentine’s Day certainly has a romantic ring – I like to use the holiday to express my feelings for friends and family.  When taking that broader view to the holiday  you can understand and appreciate the need to have such a wide variety of Cupids.

Happy Valentine’s Day Peggy

Valentines DayJust to balance out the loving and lovely, video I posted earlier this morning I thought I’d add this funny eCard which I’ve posted in years past.  It still makes me laugh and I hope it brings a smile to your day as well.

First love

I first saw this video on Towleroad back in mid January when they featured it.  I was tempted to post it on my blog then, but thought it might be better to share today on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure there are many who will roll their eyes at the romantic cliche this video wholeheartedly embraces, but I find it touching and hope everyone might find this sort of happiness in their life.