Nana’s 1 year anniversary

It was one year ago today that my grandmother, “Nana”, passed away in her home. She was fortunate to have lived a long life and to see all of her children and many of her grandchildren grow up to be happy, healthy adults.

She is survived by all her children and grandchildren as well as two sisters. Although last May 21st was a sad day, as I mentioned in my blog entry about her passing, previous strokes had robbed her of the life her children and grandchildren had grown accustomed to seeing her live. The memories I have of my grandmother are of her cooking, zipping around Winchester, playing bridge, dashing to or from her winter home in Florida, and too many more to properly list. I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that even though I miss her presence, my memories are fond reminders of the amazing woman I’ll always think of as Nana.

One response to “Nana’s 1 year anniversary

  1. Very well put Rob.Love you,Margie



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