Soixante-dix-sept jours

Right now the weather in Boston is pretty grim.  We have not received the blizzard everyone was forecasting, but the day has been chilly and grey. 

In lieu of thinking about the weather, I’ve decided to focus on my pending trip to Paris.  Thinking of Paris does not dispell my latest bout of GetMeTheHellOutOfHere Syndrome, but it does prove to distract me from how ugly it is in Boston right now. 

What are you doing to forget about the awful weather… or are you fortunate enough to be somewhere warm and sunny?

2 responses to “Soixante-dix-sept jours

  1. So sorry that I have no idea what you said, but now there are only soixante-dix-sez jours!


  2. 珍惜當下..活在當下..祝大家都平平安安健健康康! ..................................................



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