Snow My God! (SMG!)

Boston is in the midst of its largest snow storm of the season, but I’m quite comfy in my 4th floor apartment looking out at the blizzard (pronounced here as blizzaahhd). In my previous post, I was a victim of a random act of kindness I alluded to some good fortune. Yesterday, we were offered a spot in a parking garage for our car; thus avoiding the need to dig out our car from the storm. Looking outside – I can’t tell you how happy I am knowing the silver bullet (my nickname for our 2001 Golf) is safey tucked away in our building’s parking garage.

I started taking pictures at 9:00am of Harrison Avenue (near Gaslight Brasserie) and will continue to add to this post through the day. I live in a downtown neighborhood which is normally quite busy with pedestrians and traffic, but not today. A snow emergency was in effect as of 9:00pm Tuesday to ensure the streets would be clear for the snow plows. School was cancelled and most employers asked employees to work from home to avoid any potential accidents.

Harrison Avenue @ 9:00am
Harrison Avenue @ 12:00pm
Harrison Avenue @ 4:00pm

6 responses to “Snow My God! (SMG!)

  1. I want to know what you and that someone special did all day to pass the time!!!Was it something that would melt the snow faster?? 😉


  2. You mention something interesting. Most employees were told to work from home. It truly is the 21st century that we have the connectivity necessary to do our jobs from the comfort of our own homes. So explain, why do we need to go into the office all the time? Think of the money we could save on transportation costs, energy costs, etc. if we all just worked from home when we could.


  3. HA HA HA !…Stop complaining. Up here in Canada (Montréal) we are used to such NICE SNOW STORMS..The difference is that WE are well equiped to move that much snow from the streets and highways.Imagine, I was living in Sept-Iles in the 80s and the city and schools and other services were ALL CLOSED down because of EXTREME COLD weather.. Minus 45°C with a super wind factor of minus 55°C…All that with a SUPER NICE BLUE sky without a trace of cloud..SO, ENJOY the BEAUTY of WHITE WINTER… Think about it when you'll be sweting next summer….Friendly northern yoursJiEL, Montréal, CANADA


  4. Next summer when you are sweltering, you'll yearn for more snow. Ok, maybe not.


  5. Looks like the gym parking lot is empty? It the gym even open today (not that i was gonna go…too comfy here in my warm apartment)


  6. the last snow storm in NY was pretty epic and I complained because I couldnt go to work and none of the streets were plowed.Today we have a fraction of what snowed last time, clean streets, and I was pissed off because I couldnt get another hour of sleep!Hope you guys arent suffering too much in your jammies with mugs of yummy hot cocoa. lol.



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