Off to Puerto Rico (again)

I recently booked another trip to Puerto Rico so I can escape the winter cold. I leave in about 4 weeks and will spend 5 nights back at La Concha in mid-February. I had intended to book a trip to a new destination to see more of the Caribbean but Puerto Rico was easily the most affordable non-stop airfare from Boston.

I would not have anticipated that I would make a second visit to Puerto Rico so soon after my previous trip, but I’m getting excited now that it is just weeks away. Because I’ve been to this property a few times already, I feel like I know the area fairly well. If past visits are any indication of what to expect on this trip, the weather should be beautiful (hope I haven’t jinxed myself by saying that) and I will spend my days poolside or on the beach, my afternoons (hopefully squeezing in a run), my evenings eating, and my nights sipping cocktails outside by the beach. I’ve included some additional photographs I found online of where I’ll be staying to help sustain me until I board my flight and head back down to Puerto Rico.

6 responses to “Off to Puerto Rico (again)

  1. Looks like a wonderful place to stay Bosguy.


  2. Take me with you, or bring me back a Puerto Rican man between 35 and 50! I'm not picky! If he looks good in a speedo, I'd be happy!!!


  3. I love it !!!!!!!!!! Enjoys guys… you….


  4. Looks terrific. And warm. Enjoy!


  5. That sounds absolutely fabulous. Im have to admit, I am slightly envious of your vacation. An escape out of the cold would be awesome. 🙂 Let us know how it goes.


  6. Puerto Rico is fantastic! I think I may have mentioned this before, but you MUST visit the Horned Dorset Resort.Hubz and I stayed there for a week a couple years ago, and it was heaven.The rooms are like villas, with a private plunge pool. And the staff fawn all over you to make you happy.It's relaxation personified.There was a community pool and social activities, but we liked the aspect that we could be secluded in our own space, and really get away from everyone.



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