Learning to speak "Boston"

People not born in or near Boston often get confused by a native’s accent and expressions or as I like to refer to it the “Boston SLANGuage”.

For those not from the area, you may think that this t-shirt above means running very fast. That would be understandable, but incorrect. It is actually referring to Red Sox outfielder, Jacoby Ellsbury.

Jacoby Ellsbury

6 responses to “Learning to speak "Boston"

  1. I'm really glad he is a Red Sox and hope he has a great, injury-free season. He deserves it!!


  2. Not really my cup of tea. BTW, Say the phrase "Park the car at Star" If it comes out "Pahk the cah at Stah" you're probably from either MA or RI.


  3. He is wicked hot! Thank god we signed him for another year!


  4. Tell him to run my way.


  5. I don't know how fast he runs, but he looks Wicked Yummah to me.



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