Guy candy

Boston is about to get slammed with another snow storm, but that’s not even the worst part, the extended forecast shows it will remain in single digits thru much of next week. For those who don’t know Farenheit, trust me when I say that’s FREEZING even by Boston standards.

To stop scowling I’ve posted this picture. I think its safe to say I’m suffering from GetMeTheHellOutOfHereSyndrome.

4 responses to “Guy candy

  1. Is it wrong to say I want to gnaw on his pecs?


  2. We have also been plunged back into the deep freeze, although nowhere near as deep as you guys! Brrrr! I like your coping mechanism, however.


  3. Yikes! Not looking forward to the single digits. Find a warm man to cuddle up with every body!


  4. Now that's a hottie!



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