Taste of the South End – March 8, 2011

In just a few days one of my favorite charity events in Boston will take place, The Taste of the South End. As the name implies this is one of the city’s many charitable fundraisers that revolves around food, but I think this is one of the best organized taste events, and the fact that the proceeds benefit such a wonderful organization, The AIDS Action Committee (AAC) is really a bonus. In addition to the participation of 40+ neighborhood restaurants, local chefs provide cooking tips and demonstrations. If you really enjoy food and dining out this event gives you an opportunity to sample some of the fare offered at some of the city’s best restaurants. While it won’t confirm if a restaurant has great service it does give you a preview of the type and quality food the establishment serves. If you arrive early with a VIP pass like I do each year, you also can chat with the chefs present before the event becomes truly crowded.

Below, I’ve included a two minute video from the 2009 event. It provides a quick preview of what one can expect on March 8th and closes with a shot of your’s truly stuffing his face with a fish taco.

Purchase your tickets here

4 responses to “Taste of the South End – March 8, 2011

  1. i need to check this outPoetry


  2. Sounds like fun – I just attended one a few weeks aback – it was pretty lame I thought – too commercial and really the food was not as good as when you visit the restaurant! But the cause is good!


  3. I am thinking that they need to change the name. Ahem.



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