AIDS Walk Boston – Sunday June 5th

AIDS is the leading cause of death for people in MA (ages of 25-44)
Thank goodness for The AIDS Action Committee which hosts AIDS Walk Boston each year. Its too easy to forget and sometimes too uncomfortable to remember the legacy of AIDS. Its like an ugly blemish you want to hide and forget about. In the 80s while tens of thousands of people were afflicted with AIDS / HIV our government was too squeamish to provide either the support services or educate people on how to protect themselves. Now some 30 years later we know better but AIDS remains and continues to spread. Betty Byrnes a long time AIDS activist and mother reminds us why its important and how we can help make a difference.

If you can not join the 30,000+ who will join in the walk through Boston, Brookline and Cambridge on Sunday morning, won’t you consider sponsoring a walker or making an independent donation to the organization? You can set up your own page in just moments or make a donation here.

One response to “AIDS Walk Boston – Sunday June 5th

  1. Did you know that I have a major interest in visiting Boston because of all the cool things I read about in your blog?



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