Go Bruins

Bostonians have been holding our breathe watching the Bruins progress in post season play this spring. They’ve played remarkably well throughout and came out with their most aggressive play to date in game six, scoring four goals within minutes of the first period, sending the fans in the Boston Garden into an absolute frenzy.

The series is tied up once again and our guys need to pack up for one more trip out west to play the final game of the championship series back in Vancouver.

4 responses to “Go Bruins

  1. I've been watching the series and turned it on a little later in the first period, thinking, "it's hockey" – at best it will be 1-0 for whichever team. Clerarly I saw the score and went "whaaaaaaat?". Obviously missed a lot in the first half of that period. Good for you. I'm rooting for Boston.


  2. Hi Damien – The Bruins play Ice Hockey in the National Hockey League (NHL) which includes teams from throughout the US and Canada. The final game (for the best of 7 series) is now slated for Vancouver. To quote ABBA, the winner takes it all.Thx.


  3. The Bruins have played so well and I hope they take the Cup. The Flyers will have less to travel to steal it back next year.:)


  4. Who are these and what sport is it?Remember ……… down under here…



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