Zipcar and BosGuy

This summer I participated in a program from Zipcar called the “low car diet”. The program Zipcar hosts in cities through out the United States and Canada encourages individuals to forsake their cars and seek alternative means of transportation for an entire month. I wrote about the program here, here, here and here.

Now they are having a contest of sorts and I’d appreciate it if you’d show your support for Boston (and me) by clicking on the link below and then selecting the “Like” icon under the video with me.

Like BosGuy Here

2 responses to “Zipcar and BosGuy

  1. Interesting that they EXCLUDED a thriving little Zipcar market here in Providence. I've been signed up for the service about a month. I find it works better if you book a couple days in advance. So far I've driven a Scion Xb, Honda Insight Hybrid, and Toyota Prius. My favorite is the Prius. I'm planning on buying a car next spring but I'll keep my Zipcar account. It could be convenient in Boston, NYC, etc.



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