Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is ovah!

The U.S. military’s shameful and homophobic policy banning homosexuals from serving openly was officially repealed at midnight today. No doubt in the years that follow, history will remember Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as a strange policy. Initially signed into law by President Clinton, it took another Democrat, President Obama, to end this discriminatory policy some 18 years later.

Where does this rank in importance to me? Its hard to say. I never had any desire to serve in the military but the fact that this policy was on the books was shameful.   Even more frustrating is knowing that so many leading Republicans tried to stop DADT from being repealed.  Add it to one more thing that makes me despise the Republican party. Intellectually, I know the Republican party is made up of many moderates who are advocates for greater equality, but my heart has hardened over the years and I no longer consider this party a viable option for me.  Chalk up DADT as just one more nail in the Republican Party coffin, because I’ll be quite pleased to bury this shameful party which has spent the last half a century promoting divisive and prejudice-laden language.


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