2011 Boston Santa Speedo Run

With a goal of raising $250,000 the Boston Santa Speed Run opened registration earlier this week only to close in record time.  This fun 1-mile run through Boston’s trendy Back Bay neighborhood in December earns a lot of laughs for both spectators and runners. I’ve included a photo and video from the 2010 Santa Speedo Run.

If you’d like to learn more about this annual run which is now replicated in cities across the US and Canada, you can visit here.

The 2011 charity benefiting from the funds raised in this years race will be Play Ball foundation.  Be sure to mark your calendar to watch, laugh and cheer on the runners on Saturday, December 10, 2011.



2 responses to “2011 Boston Santa Speedo Run

  1. I’ve always enjoyed the Youtube clips of the run. Lots of hot guys running along and plenty of great average-looking ones as well!


  2. Love it. I’ve been following this for several years, always enjoying the photos from it. Have a couple Boston friends/acquaintances who I came across in them several times, so that is fun too.



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