Columbus Cafe future in question

Rumors that Columbus Cafe was sold and would be closing at the end of November in recent months have been so pervasive that one could hear candid (albeit hushed conversations) every time you walked into the restaurant and bar so earlier this month I wrote about the pending close, bemoaning the loss of another great cheap eats in my October 14th post, Columbus Cafe to Close in November.

Imagine my surprise when I see Columbus Cafe issuing a GroupOn valid through early next year! Was the talk of a sale a gimmick? Did the sale fall through or has the place been sold and the new owners plan to retain the name of the popular neighborhood restaurant?

UPDATE: The riff between the owners of Columbus Cafe has escalated and without going into details my source maintains the property has been sold.

One response to “Columbus Cafe future in question

  1. Based on your earlier post I decided a week ago [two Sundays ago] to go see for myself. The staff was a bit harried due to an employee no-show – but I loved the brunch. Plus the entertainment of a sidewalk umbrella going airborne! Almost quite dangerous. Hope they can keep going as well as the umbrella!



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