Thanksgiving Eve

Since Thanksgiving is so widely celebrated and significant to Americans it makes me wonder why we don’t have “Thanksgiving Eve”.   After all, we have Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and any American will tell you Thanksgiving ranks right up there with those holidays; many actually will tell you they prefer Thanksgiving.

Even though we don’t officially call it Thanksgiving Eve, there is a subdued demeanor with everyone I’ve talked to today. The inevitable lines and chaos at the airports are not apparent from where I sit and the traffic snarls of tomorrow are not a concern. This afternoon has been far more quiet than normal.

Sitting at home, I’m enjoying the peace and solitude which comes on the eve of each Thanksgiving.  For all those who celebrate this most uniquely American holiday, I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving Eve.

2 responses to “Thanksgiving Eve

  1. Like you, I will travel to spend the day with my parents. It will be a lovely day and my Dad will reminisce about my mother, and my step-mom will be a loving, gracious host. Very little anxiety with the holiday!
    Safe travels.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Eve.



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