Early in November I wrote about how November is Lung Cancer awareness month.  If you didn’t read the post, please check it out here.

This past month you may have noticed more men sporting a mustache and secretly thought to yourself “Since when did the 70’s porn look come back into style?” Although I won’t speak for all the guys, many had grown a mustache for something called Movember.  Each year November (or rather Movember) thousands of men grow mustaches as a way to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Even if you didn’t grow a mustache for Movember you can still contribute financially by visiting the site here.

I didn’t participate mostly because my face cannot grow a mustache (I can barely generate a 5 o’clock shadow after a few days), but here are some pictures of friends who did.

Sergio & Alihi




One response to “Movember

  1. Thank you BosGuy for the Movember posting. Men’s health is so important and so often overlooked.
    Thank you to my friends who support the cause for allowing me to provide your picture to be posted.
    If you want to make a donation, please visit my page
    Now, all you men out there. Go get your annual check up!!! Be healthy.



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