BosGuy is a cry baby

I really am quite the cry baby.  My firm generously closed offices early on Friday, December 23rd and only re-opened this morning, Tuesday, January 3rd. Its been a wonderful week relaxing and spending time with family and friends, but this morning when I awoke early, I couldn’t help but stifle a little bit of a tear that it was all over.  Yes, I’m most definitely a cry baby.

7 responses to “BosGuy is a cry baby

  1. Happy New Year. My company too closed between Dec. 23 an Jan 3.

    It was tough going back to work yesterday.


  2. Hey, you forgot you work from home! So you can do the work in your PJ’s at any time. Unless you had to check in for a change.


    • I know…I’m pathetic. Hope you are good Peter and 2012 brings you much happiness.


      • I’m good, did my paid job of this year again in 10 minutes flat. Only sending the PDF’s around took more time. I only have to check my bankaccount at the end of the month if they’ve paid their dues. The unpaid job takes a bit longer, but when you work from home… it can be early in the morning or in the middle of the night. I like those flexible hours.


  3. Less because of work and more because it was 7AM. Like I said, I’m a cry baby.


  4. You cried because of going back to work?


  5. Mark R. Anderson

    Crying doesn’t indicate that you are weak, it’s a sign that you’re ALIVE!!!



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