BosGuy cooks: Shrimp and pasta

Pasta provides a slow release of energy without spiking your blood sugar levels.  However, I like pasta because it tastes so delicious, you can buy it ahead of time and is quick and easy to cook.

Shrimp is low in saturated fat, a very good source of protein, but like all shellfish is high in cholesterol. I only buy shrimp if I’m going to consume it that evening. Despite their differences these two ingredients not only compliment each other nutritionally, but also go great together in a dinner.  This recipe serves 4, costs approximately $12-$14 to purchase all the ingredients (less the dry sherry and seasonings) and can be made in under 30 minutes.I like to prep the garlic, tomato, carrot and leek before I start cooking so I can continue without pause.  Start by boiling water for your pasta then add the shrimp in a bowl with the dry sherry. You can use something else if you do not have sherry or prefer other flavoring.  The shrimp will absorb the flavor of the liquid you use and it will help prevent it from drying out when it cooks.

As a next step add the leeks, garlic and carrots with 3 tbsp. of butter to a large pan on medium / medium-high heat.  Let these ingredients combine and soften.  I also add a pinch of salt and Italian seasonings at this point and mix thoroughly. If these cook too quickly – lower the heat and cover or remove from the burner.

Once the pasta has been added to the boiling water, wait a few minutes then add the shrimp and remaining tablespoon of butter to the vegetables.  For extra flavoring you can also add a tsp of fresh lemon juice.  After the pasta is nearly cooked, I like to take a full ladle of water from the boiling pot and add it to the shrimp and vegetables.  This will add more sauce and keep everything from drying out.  You can add more liquid if you like but you can’t remove it once its added.  Draining excess liquid will result in loss of flavor.The above left photo shows the pan when the shrimp is first added (turn the heat down slightly).  After cooking for 3-5 minutes the shrimp should be mostly cooked.  Add the pasta while still al dente (slightly under cooked) and stir all the ingredients together so the sauce and flavors can mingle as shown in above right photo (click on pictures to enlarge).

3 responses to “BosGuy cooks: Shrimp and pasta

  1. Sounds great I”ll try it tonight! Thanks!


  2. The southern version: Pasta = Stone ground grits… Give it a try sometime, same basic recipe but sub the grits for the pasta and don’t use instant grits they taste like paste…



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