Book review: Heyday

I read this book awhile back and meant to write about it because it was such an entertaining read.  The full title of M.V. Butler’s novel is actually, Heyday: That Shocking Novel of New York’s Lavender Underworld

Heyday takes place in post war NYC (that is WWI) and prior to the crash of the stock market at the height of Prohibition.   The story revolves around a charming protagonist (Mack Daly) who is surrounded by a family of friends that include several lovable but flawed personalities.  Mack’s crumbling marriage of convenience and his blossoming romance to Joe Imperio, a New York City gangster, spells trouble from the outset but you cannot help but get caught up in these flawed relationships.  Suspense is followed by hilarity as the ridiculous becomes the norm and I found myself reading the 200 page book in just a couple of days.  If you are looking for a light read that will entertain, I’d suggest checking out this book.


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