Sh*t gay guys say…

I’m not sure I’ve said everything in this 75-second video but it certainly made me chuckle.  I think this might be more of a “West coast” gay vernacular.

I think I could come up with some pretty funny phrases guys in Boston and the Northeast are more prone to say. Words that come to mind “Provincetown” and “Boatslip.

Phrases you might hear locally, “He lives on the Red Line, I live on the Green Line; it wasn’t going to work.” and “Dorchester isn’t that far away.

What might you add to the list? 

3 responses to “Sh*t gay guys say…

  1. So I actually find this one incredibly annoying. I mean, what self-respecting gay man drinks Rose? However, “sh*t girls say to gay guys” – incredibly funny and true.


  2. LOL – yes, that’s very NY; referring to everyone coming into Manhattan.


  3. I used to hear at clubs, “the crowd’s very bridge and tunnel”. I guess that’s a reference to an influx of non-Boston residents, or something. Still haven’t quite figured it out (or care to). We didn’t have that expression in Utah. 😉



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