What’s love got to do with it

I’m currently away celebrating Sergio’s birthday on the Atlantis Caribbean Cruise. While travelling I have no internet connection so I  thought I’d feature some of my favorite and most read posts from the past year. I’ll be back to active blogging when I return in February.

Originally Posted October 2011

David Samuel Levinson writes an interesting article in the current issue of Out Magazine entitled, Are you interested? The article addresses what is salvaged when a relationship you never thought you wanted ends.

The brief article is an interesting read and I couldn’t help but identify with the “untrusting and cynical” single David – I meet various forms of that David (both male and female) here in Boston all the time.

The introspective article addresses how the author does meet someone (not the man of his dreams by the way) and how the relationship evolves.  There is no storybook ending with this particular romance but its hardly a tragedy either. I think many people can personally relate or have witnessed this drama play out with friends and family.  Although there are no real answers provided by the author, it doesn’t detract from the story which concludes:

“But I had become someone else, someone better for knowing Markus. I was finally and, I hoped, inevitably the kind of guy who could look beyond tight black jeans and pink T-shirts — beyond his own bad habits and his gory past — and love.”


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