Restaurant review: Tory Row

Across the Charles River in the heart of Harvard Square is Tory Row. The restaurant which opened in 2009 is the brain child of Matthew Curtis and Christopher Lutes.  These are the men behind other popular establishments like Miracle of Science, Cambridge 1, Middlesex Lounge, and Audubon Circle.Diners can have a front row seat to all the people watching one could hope for in bustling Harvard Square. In good weather, the large window pane slides open, creating a fantastic opportunity to dine al fresco.  Aside from the sleek interior design, the brunch, lunch and dinner menus are creative and very approachable.

I’m partial to Tory Row’s brunch and lunch menu which includes temptations like Steak & Egg Tacos with hash browns for $9 or their english muffin breakfast sandwich for $7.  The dinner menu has a slightly higher price point ranging from $11 for salads and flat breads to $10-$19 for sandwiches and main plates.  If you want to get your drink on, note that Tory Row only serves beer and wine.

I could talk about several items on their menu, but today is all about their best selling sandwich, the grilled marinated chicken breast for $11. The bread which comes from the Nashoba Brook Bakery is soft and absorbs the flavors of the grilled chicken which is always cooked perfectly.  The plate is nicely paired with roasted potatoes and salad, making for a filling meal that is relatively healthy and very satisfying.Note that this popular eatery which has a location second to none in the square does not take reservations – first come; first served.  Want to find out more about Tory Row? Check out their website,

More photos of the restaurant are available on their website. I’ve used their pictures which are superior to mine to show off the restaurant, but  the picture of the meal above was taken from your’s truly with a shaky hand and an old camera sorely in need of replacing.
Tory Row on Urbanspoon


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