Leap Day sale $29 to see Xanadu

I love getting a good deal so when I saw this offer from The SpeakEasy Stage last night, promoting their spring musical comedy, Xanadu with a one day sale, I knew I had to post this.  Tickets for the first week of performances of Xanadu (May 11-17 shows only) will be only $29 (not including phone or online handling fees).

This is a GREAT deal so snag a pair of tickets to see the show, which looks as if it will marry nostalgia with humor. Sale hours are today from 9:00am – midnight (online at www.SpeakEasyStage.com) and from 12:00pm – 7:00pm  by phone (617-933-8600 ) or for walk-up sales.

One response to “Leap Day sale $29 to see Xanadu

  1. It’s a marketing ploy. The joke is – tickets are normally $17. ….and no matter how much you pay, it is a play about rollerskating , clarinet playing something or other. I don’t think ELO is in it either – which is the biggest shame of all.



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