Restaurant review: dBar

Formerly an Irish-style pub,dBar can get rowdy later in the evening – especially on Tuesdays when they host “Show Tune Tuesdays” or on the weekends, so for that reason I suggest going on Sunday’s, Monday’s and Wednesday’s when its easy to get a table and you won’t be shouting over DJs or show tunes.

The menu, created by Executive Chef, Chris Coombs, is typically American but inspired by French cooking.  Its approachable without being boring, meaning that both picky eaters and those looking for something different can sit at the same table and find something they’d like. When we sat down for dinner we started with lobster bisque for $8.00 and the beet trio salad with goat cheese croquette (mmm), candied hazelnuts, and croutons for $11.00.For dinner we ordered two of the restaurant’s most popular plates, the crispy organic chicken breast served with mashed potato, steamed broccoli in a delicious oyster mushroom-madeira jus for $18.00 and the sirloin burger, frites and salad for $12.50.  The chicken and burger were both cooked to perfection.  The portions ran large, making us leave with a slight food coma. dBar does Dorchester proud and is worth trying.  In the summer, many of the vegetables and herbs on the plates served are grown fresh atop the roof of dBar. The restaurant is open 7-days a week and has a full bar.  If you are interested in trying dBar you can call them at (617) 265-4490 or stop by for a visit at 1236 Dorchester Ave. You can find dBar online at,

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