Men of Twitter

Each Monday I blog about profiles of men on Twitter who catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following. As always, suggestions for profiles to feature are welcome. If you’d like to follow me on twitter, you can find me @BosGuy. You can find me talking about these men on Twitter by searching the #MenOfTwitter.

Keeping with a recent trend of featuring couples I’d like to introduce you to a young couple who live together in southern California.

whattaboutjeff – Jeffrey is in his mid 20s and lives in West Hollywood (what a good gay) with his fiance, Justin, whom is also featured in this post.  Jeffrey is originally from Manhattan but he moved out west four years ago to work as a surgical nurse.  He Tweets often and mostly about his life with his partner, and I’m fairly certain you will find his current shirtless profile picture very distracting.

allaboutjust – A.K.A. Justin is also a 20-something living the good life in sunny southern California.  Originally from South Dakota he moved to L.A. last May to work as an ER nurse (God bless!)  Justin is quite funny. In his Twitter profile he describes himself as “a good vein whisperer”… So less scary now that you know he’s an ER nurse, right? I was thinking he’d watched one too many episodes of True Blood.

Here is an adorable photo of the happy young couple.  When I asked them to tell me something they enjoy doing together they mentioned their love of wine and how they often visit Napa Valley. They are saving money and contemplating a visit to Italy.  I say that’s a must for wine enthusiasts and foodies alike. 


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