Day trip to NYC

I’m back off to Gotham this morning for a quick day trip to NYC. The purpose is to get training on a tool our firm is piloting that will help me with our SEO strategy (search engine optimization).  Essentially this tool will help me discern how people are searching for subject matter that is important to them so I can ensure our web pages achieve higher rankings and therefore more web traffic. It sounds interesting, but I’ll reserve judgement until after I’ve been trained and have used it.

I wish I could leverage this sort of thing for my blog. I’ve been typing away for the past few years quite content in my own little internet bubble, but it amazes me how little I really know about how to leverage my site. I may have to make a mental note to look into seeing if WordPress or others provide in person training. As my trip to NYC shows, I’m not really one for virtual training – I still like to be there with the trainer and in a class where I can more directly interact.  We’ll see how this goes and if there are any tidbits I can pick up and apply to my own blog; wouldn’t that be nice.

2 responses to “Day trip to NYC

  1. You can use a free SEO plug in with your wordpress blog. check out a post I wrote on getting started with some basic SEO:

    and here’s the wordpress plugin you can use:

    Hope this helps!


  2. Hope it’s not all work and no play.



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