FOXY reborn tonight

Over marathon weekend last April I first wrote about two local DJs who were hosting fun dance nights in Cambridge on Sundays.  The two  DJs, James Cerne and Nathaniel Bluhm played a collection of mostly funky music and mixes from the 80s and 90s with an occasional nod to more contemporary hits.

No Cover or Attitude at Middlesex Lounge 10pm – 2am

At the start of this year James left Boston but Nathaniel has persevered and transformed FOXY which is now at the Middlesex Lounge at 315 Massachusetts Avenue.  Are you one of the many who will have tomorrow, Patriot’s Day, off? Check out tonight’s party, which runs from 10pm – 2am in Central Square.

4 responses to “FOXY reborn tonight

  1. Joseph Colbourne

    FYI: I was the third DJ for FOXY from December 2009 until April 2011. In the photograph, I am at the far left int the black hat. Thanks! – Joseph Colbourne


  2. A night out dancing sounds like a blast.



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