Dinner party at “Frenchie and the Yankee”

Last night Sergio and I went to a dinner party hosted by a friend and blogger of the gorgeous blog, Frenchie and the Yankee.  The name of the blog refers to the writer who is originally from France and his partner who is of solid Midwestern stock.

We first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party last fall and shortly after started bumping into each other around the neighborhood (notably at Melanie’s killer abs class at Boston Sports Club South End).

Anyone who is familiar with Frenchie and the Yankee blog knows David has an exceptional eye and marries many of his posts with beautiful images of food he cooks / bakes. Having now sampled his cooking firsthand, I can assure you it is as delicious as it looks.  The dinner party was such a wonderful start to our weekend, and I wanted to post a quick thank you to both David (a.k.a. “Frenchie”) and Mark (a.k.a. “the Yankee”) for inviting us to their home.

2 responses to “Dinner party at “Frenchie and the Yankee”

  1. It was a fantastic evening. Not only the food was superb the hosts were gracious and entertaining. It’s so good to have nice and fun friends that cook so well. Next will be at our place when I make my favorite gnocchi recipee.


  2. You are so sweet! Thank you for the shout out.
    It was a pleasure having you both with Ed at our table. Looking forward to the next time.



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