Men of Twitter

BosGuyEach Monday I feature men on Twitter who catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following. I refer to these posts as Men of Twitter.

Regular readers will notice that this week I have updated the Men of Twitter masthead. So this week I’m taking a hiatus from featuring new profiles and focusing on these four men in case you missed them before.

BosGuyFLHotty1 A little more than a year ago I featured Will who lives in Florida.  We actually ended up meeting last year in Provincetown, and I have to tell you he’s as handsome in person as he is in pictures but what you can’t tell from the picture is that he’s an absolute sweetheart too.

BosGuyTheNickAdams This handsome Broadway star, Nick Adams, was featured earlier this year in January. Considering the hectic nature of Nick’s schedule, I was really surprised how engaging he was on Twitter. Here’s to hoping for continued success for Nick Adams.

BosGuyJonathanAB was featured in 2011. This handsome guy with the killer abs is from Cape Town but now lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve always wanted to visit South Africa and following Jonathan makes me feel like I get a glimpse into life there.

BosGuyBertomio (A.K.A. Rob) was the first Men of Twitter profile I featured in 2012. I think readers will agree Rob has a killer smile and fantastic body. It turns out this Philly boy who now calls NYC home is also quite sweet and nice to chat with on Twitter.

I hope you like the new masthead and the men I’ve featured.  Be sure to come back again next Monday when my more traditional Men of Twitter posts will resume. If inclined you may follow me on twitter, @BosGuy.


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