A view of Back Bay

One of Boston’s prettiest neighborhoods is Back Bay. It is a testament to  the city of Boston and residents that such an important commercial center so full of businesses and restaurants also remains one of the best preserved examples of 19th century urban design filled with beautiful rows of Victorian brownstones to live in and call home.BosGuy

You don’t need to be a fan of architecture to appreciate the design and buildings.  Modern examples like I.M. Pei’s famous John Hancock Tower literally reflecting the city laid out before it.  Below I’ve included photos of a few buildings you might see if you were to stroll through Back Bay or dine out al fresco at one of the hundreds of restaurants located in this downtown neighborhood. BosGuyWill you be coming to Boston for work or pleasure anytime soon?

2 responses to “A view of Back Bay

  1. I’ll be there in summer. Hopefully you’ll be in town at that time too.


  2. Thanks, BosGuy! I love Boston, and have worked here for 14 yrs now in the financial district while living in and commuting from RI. But going way back, I
    had high school and college summer jobs back in the sixties in Boston. I remember Boston when the Custom House Tower was highest building in Boston! Oh (and you are too young to remember this!) but Jordan Marsh & Company on Summer St was the best department store around!



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