Free LGBT for Obama bumpersticker

LGBT I wonder if I should request a bumper sticker and affix it to my ass since I rarely drive.  Probably a bad idea… However, if you want one the Obama – Biden re-election campaign would love to send you a bumper sticker. You can request one by linking here.

4 responses to “Free LGBT for Obama bumpersticker

  1. I want this sticker sooo bad but can’t seem to find it anywhere online!? Please help!!!


  2. What a stupid comment Chuck. Gays hating straights? Get real.


  3. Darnell you are correct. He is certainly not a uniter. His agenda requires dividing the classes and the people as Alinsky taught. In order for him to destroy the US he must have us hating each other first. Whether that be blacks hating whites, gays hating straights, haves hating have nots. If we stand united we will stand forever, it is divided we fall.


  4. I requested one. Should take 4-6 weeks. I hope he does better next term. So far he’s only divided us further.



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