Men of Twitter

Each Monday I post “Men of Twitter” profiles. These are men who catch my eye and whom I think you may enjoy following.

It is Pride Week in Boston and the start of “Pride Month” when many LGBT communities come together to celebrate so each week this month I’ll feature Twitter profiles of gay men who are lending their voice and influence to fight for greater equality. Here are two men you may recognize and wish to follow.

Gay RugbyGarethThomas14 – Last week I posted a rather revealing photo of Gareth from the cover of Attitude Magazine’s “Naked” issue, which resulted in a lot of emails indicating people would like to see more of him. Gareth is an out, retired Welsh rugby player and regularly posts pictures of himself. I’m assuming many of you will appreciate following him.

Photo by Seth Rau

CarlSciortino – Carl was elected to the Massachusetts State House in 2005 after a tough primary where he defeated the Democratic incumbent who was opposed to Same Sex Marriage.  His closely watched  primary showed others that supporting marriage equality would not necessarily count against you in Massachusetts. Carl is easy to chat with and active on Twitter so wish him a Happy Pride this week.


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