Restaurant review: Morton’s

Last week while I was in New York City I had dinner with my team at Morton’s Steakhouse on 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The service at this well respected national chain which claims to be the best steakhouse anywhere was flawless.  However, I find the Morton’s chain stuffy and the marketer in me thinks they seriously need a re-branding.

I started my meal with the bibb lettuce salad ($11.50), knowing I’d likely overeat since portions at steakhouses always seem large.  The salad is shown below along with the two sides we ordered to share, sauteed brussels sprouts and creamed spinach (each $13). I preferred the tender and flavorful brussels sprouts cooked with minced shallots, butter, salt and pepper.

Morton's Steak House

Since I prefer seafood, I ordered the honey-chili glazed salmon fillet which came on a bed of beans, corn and spinach ($38).  If the fillet looks large, it is not your imagination.  Despite the size, it was cooked perfectly.  Its been my experience that some of the best seafood dinners have been at steakhouses and this dinner did not disappoint.

Morton's SalmonAlthough I was full, the team went ahead and ordered two desserts to share.  I have to admit I tried not to be tempted, but I relented and while both desserts were very good, Morton’s Hot Chocolate Cake made with Godiva chocolate was beyond decadent. Once the fork had cut into the cake, melted chocolate oozed slowly over the plate.  Morton's RestaurantWith nearly 70 locations worldwide and a Morton’s in every major US city, there is likely a restaurant near you.  The Midtown location is at 551 5th Avenue – reservations are strongly recommended.
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2 responses to “Restaurant review: Morton’s

  1. Give Mortons another chance. The location where you dined is not one of their best operated locations. As a frequent dinner and loyal client for 18 years and as one who has dined at 20 of Morton’s locations.,the 5th Avenue site needs new staff changes.Try the new menu- its awesome


  2. Glad that your experience at Morton’s at NYC was good. Unfortunately my two experiences at Morton’s at two different cities – Nashville and Louisville – were plain bad. The service is tardy and I agree with your comment about being stuffy to snooty. I frankly think it is an overrated national chain



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