FriendsTo quote the character, Janice Litman from Friends, “Oh…My…Gawd!” This home remodeling adventure, which has been long overdue is past the point of no return. We’re now in a crunch to decide on paint color.

For those who do not know my partner or me, this is making me verklempt. So I’ll give you a topic to discuss amongst yourselves while I do my very best to pull myself together.

The phrase “home remodeling” makes no sense to me. This process has turned my home into a house and there is nothing about this process that makes me think of a model. I don’t see a photograph for the cover of a magazine.  I see a dump. They should call it House Demolition. Now discuss.


4 responses to “OMG

  1. I could come in and knock that out in a day.


  2. My partner and I split up over a house renovation. He is all about fast and furious, and I am about clean, neat tearouts, and three coats of paint.
    Pac made me laught–the paint still looks great and I am still single!
    Make a list on how you want to proceed, and stick with it. Good luck.


  3. Don’t worry BosGuy, it gets better. Not without getting worse first mind you, much worse, but it does get better. The trick to choosing a color is estimating how long before you’ll repaint versus how long you want to be with your partner.


  4. OH………
    BING !!!………………



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