Earlier this month, I included a picture urging people not to support  Chick-fil-A because of their opposition to same sex marriage. The company has made significant donations to homophobic organizations like Exodus and The Family Research Council.

Trying to be sensitive to all you who LOVE fried chicken sandwiches, I thought I would share this video of Hilah Johnson. It’s a legit video and one you will appreciate if you are a fried chicken lover. I love the start of the video when Hilah says, “When’s the best time for a fried chicken sandwich? Sunday morning. Who’s closed on Sunday? Chick-fil-A!

One response to “Chick-fil-Gay

  1. I made this yesterday. It came out pretty good but tasted more like McDonald’s than Chic. I had to use vegetable oil because no one sells peanut oil! I think it really needs the peanut oil.



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