D.hedral: The first shape based underwear

Recently I was bemoaning the fact that I do not resemble the Calvin Klein model who looks picture perfect in the underwear I purchased so you would think I’d not be tempted by D.Hedral’s sexy underwear line. Sadly, I’m a sucker and marketers know this.

D.Hedral claims their underwear is superior because they are the “first shape based underwear”.  Their product supposedly embraces your backside perfectly, enhancing it’s natural roundness and adding extra support. I’m thinking its sort of “wonder bra” for men’s butts. Check out this hilarious breakdown of how their garments will help you.

d-hedral If you’d like to see more, check out their tempting promo video here.


3 responses to “D.hedral: The first shape based underwear

  1. That model is UH-mazing!!


  2. Has anyone actually tried these? I am wondering if d.hedral delivers or if it is all marketing. And, BTW, how “full” does one have to be to buy the “full” angle fit?


  3. 10% of the video is the actual briefs – the rest? fluff 😉 Not complaining – just an observation. BTW check out the store Un Style de Vie in Quebec. Live MANaquins in the store windows every day. On FB and the web. You need not know French to appreciate their sales focus.



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