Look away if you are OCD

ocdEarlier this week, BuzzFeed had an amusing article entitled, 19 Things that will drive your OCD self insane. It features images like this with a fig newton out of place that is certain to drive some people absolutely cuckoo.

If you are OCD you may not want to check out the 18 other photos.  If you know or love someone who suffers a bit from OCD, poke fun at them by printing these photos and taping them (off center and crooked of course) around their home.

3 responses to “Look away if you are OCD

  1. I work as a decorative artist, so I work in people’s houses a lot. And I tend to walk around straightening all the pictures hanging on their walls.


  2. Some things would annoy me but not in a worrying level (I hope)


  3. you DID have my roomie in mind, didn’t you???



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