Codzilla and the nephews

The definition of “uncle” should be parenting without any of the hang-ups, expenses or disciplining required.  Today I’m relishing in that role. Sergio and I are taking my two nephews Jack and Austin on Codzilla. 

Codzilla is a large boat that has a giant, ravenous looking Cod painted along its side.  The ride will take us on a trip through Boston harbor for approximately 45 minutes at speeds of up to 40 mph. Seems like the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon with two boys age seven and nine. I can hardly wait to see their expressions.

Here is a recent photo of the three siblings.  Abby will sit out the boat ride with Mom.

One response to “Codzilla and the nephews

  1. they are 6 and 8!!!!!!
    btw- they loved being with you. thank you. and i loved being with you. xoxo



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